15 janvier 2015

2014 Flasback (3): The year of the hammer

For the Chinese zodiac, 2014 was the year of the horse Definitely, for the Highland Games, it was the year of the horse-power.Especially for hammer-throw. And the blog proves it: Dan Mc KIM, U.S.A. broke the two hammer-throw world records at the same UTAH Highland Games in June: 132’ 10-1/4” in the 22-lb. hammer 157’ 7-1/4” in the 16-lb. hammer.  Of course, Dan will be in Bressuire for the IHGF Worlds on June 13, 14   TO HAVE MORE on Dan's records: Dan Mc KIM and his flying hammer Cyrille BOUCHER broke the... [Lire la suite]
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10 janvier 2015

"Je suis Charlie"...and so is the blog

The blogger considers that a pen is more useful than a gun.Just like all the drawers in France and all over the world, he wants to support a free press in a free country. That's why he considers it's time to raise the pens.That's why, symbolically, he has replaced the Heavies' caber by a pen and updated this caberwise version of Iwo-Jima shot during the 2010 Games. At the Bressuire Highland Games, just like everywhere in France, the blog supports the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre and everyone is proud to say: "Je suis... [Lire la suite]
29 décembre 2014

2015 in Bressuire: let corks fly for a Heavy New Year

  Let corks fly to celebrate 2015 with a bubble of excitement! The blogger of the Bressuire, France Highland Games wishes you a "Happy New Year" of course.But with the upcoming IHGF Worlds, he can't help wishing you a "Heavy New Year", too!Mind my words! And just have a look at these 12 Heavies who will compete in the Bressuire castle on June 13 and 14. Peter Karst BOUMA from Holland, Matt DOCHERTY from Canada, Robert FAZEKAS from Hungary, Jona Mac FARLANE from New Zealand, Dan Mac KIM from the USA, Sinclair PATIENCE... [Lire la suite]
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24 décembre 2014

Hammerry Christmas and Happy New Year

What is so special about this French Père Noël created by Erwin SUVAAL? You can guess he wants to wish you a "Merry Christmas". That's true but that's not enough...The blogger gives you a clue: he loves the Highland Games. So, it's easy to know that he just wants to wish you a "Hammerry Christmas" Even if his hammer has got a handle! Never mind! I just hope he has got a nice present for you and your family.Why not a ticket for the fantastic show in Bressuire, France for the IHGF World Championships on June 13,14? Many thanks to... [Lire la suite]
20 décembre 2014

Dan McKIM and his flying hammers: TWO world records in 2014

"If I had a hammer,I'd hammer in the morningI'd hammer in the evening,All over this land.I'd hammer out danger,I'd hammer out a warning,I'd hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters,All over this land" There is no need for Dan Mc KIM, one of the high-flyiers at the Bressuire Worlds next year, to sing Pete Seeger's song. He has a hammer in the morning, in the evening and he uses it well.Very well!And he sends it flying far away...Further and further away! Two birds with a stone, two records with a hammerAnd he has... [Lire la suite]
12 décembre 2014

After the evolution of a thrower...the evolution of a Scotsman

Just remember! A few weeks ago, the Highland Games blog posted this drawing by Rampant Lion about the evolution of species.It just revealed the origins of caber-tossers and hammer-throwers. And many of you enjoyed it with quite a lot of "likes" on Facebook. The naked truth But quite a few, particularly in Scotland, also wanted to know where they came from. The blog can now unveil the evolution of the Scotsman and help you answer this existential question: "to be or not to be naked under the kilt".And, believe me or not, this is... [Lire la suite]
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08 décembre 2014

IHGF Worlds: a facebook of the 12 champions in Bressuire

UPDATE: Want to see what the 12 throwers in competition for the IHGF Highland Games Worlds in Bressuire look like? Just have a look at this homemade slideshow... and discover the twelve champions in alphabetical order: Peter Karst BOUMA from Holland, Matt DOCHERTY from Canada, Robert FAZEKAS from Hungary, Jona Mac FARLANE from New Zealand, Dan Mac KIM from the USA, Sinclair PATIENCE from Scotland, Scott RIDER from England, Craig SINCLAIR from Scotland, Jimmy VAN DE WALLE from Belgium, Matt VINCENT from the USA, Lucasz WENTA... [Lire la suite]
04 décembre 2014

St Andrew's Day in Bressuire, France: whisky-tasting as usual

This is now a tradition in Bressuire, France to celebrate the twinning with Fraserburg, Scotland. With Highland Games, of course! But also with haggis and whisky! Whiskypedia For Saint Andrew's Day, the committee organises its usual whisky-tasting party.35 guests can learn about the history of whisky, listen to a piper and enjoy a selection of 7 malted beverages. It's a kind of whiskypedia where you can read, see but also smell and taste. For the 2014 celebration, 5 whiskies came from Scotland, one from Sweden and one from... [Lire la suite]
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01 décembre 2014

IHGF Worlds in Bressuire, France: here comes the trailer...

Want to have a preview of the IHGF Highland Games next June in Bressuire, France?Just a click to imagine what it will be like... A video by Gavin ANDERSON for Highland Games France and for the blog  
30 novembre 2014

IHGF World Championship 2015: A historic first in France

UPDATE: For the first time in the history of the Highland Games, the International Highland Games Federation will have its World Championship in France in one of the most spectacular settings ever seen.The place: the old castle of Bressuire The line-up:The Top Twelve among professional Heavies The twelve throwers who will compete for the Holy Grail of the IHGF Highland Games represent the crème de la crème and come from all over the world:   Dan Mc KIM for the USA Matt VINCENT for the USA Matt DOCHERTY for Canada Craig... [Lire la suite]