To round off the Highland Games, the visitors were treated to another mindboggling Strongman event – truck pulling.

The challenge: to pull a 5 tonne truck over several meters using sheer physical force.

Jonathan KELLY did his Strongman best but failed to budge the beast.

DSC_1582 (800x533)

That was also very hard for Stuart ANDERSON

DSC_1603 (800x533)

But luckily Sebastian WENTA was there to save the day.

With polish (only natural – he’s Polish) he succeeded in pulling the truck forward 15m20 in 22’30.

A magnificent performance which denotes incredible strength!

DSC_1613 (800x533)

 So be warned – no trucking with Sebastian!


(adapted by Mary PINET)

The article in French:

Photos: Photo-club Bressuire. Copyrights Highland Games France