Want to know about the IHGF / SAAA lightweight World Championship? This is a competition for throwers under 200 pounds or 91 kilos...20181020_102648(0)

They have just taken place in the USA, three weeks after the European Championships in Luzarches France (Just one click to have more)

They were held in Mountain Home, Idaho on October 20 and 21

Of course the twelve best highflyers coming from Highland Games nations were there, including a young Frenchman from Luzarches, Wesley VERGER.

But with such a line-up, he lacked experience and finished 11th

Stefan DUMITRICA, the new European champion from Roumania narrowly missed the second place, just behind Phil SANSOTTA, one point ahead.

And the 2018 IHGF lightweight World Champion is Scott FARR

The tables

1er Scott FARR: 13, 5 points

2e Phil SANSOTTA: 22 points

3e Stefan DUMITRICA: 23 points

4th: Garrett MIDDLETON : 41 points

5th: Jeremy IRVIN: 42.5 points


11th: Wesley VERGER: 87.5 points

And, as usual, everybody enjoyed the competition and warmly congratulated the winners.

ooo90 - 90 kilos

On your agenda: Bressuire, France on June 15 and 16

And now we just can't wait for the next competition in France: the IHGF amateur World Championship.

0 chateau hélico presto + panneau bressuire et pipersIt will be held in Bressuire on June 15, 16 in a fantastic showcase: the old castle

If you want to know the line-up, just a click

Can't wait to see that...

All the best from France and don't miss our Worlds..

Stay tuned: you'll get all the information you need on the blog


Alain CADU