The line-up for the 2019 IHGF amateur Worlds is now official. It will take place on June 15 and 16, 2019 in Bressuire, France.

And, as usual, the competition will be held in the city's most beautiful showcase: its old castle.

CHATEAU BRESSUIRE (2)The twelve international throwers

There is no real surprise and the competitors will be:

Svavar SIGURSTEINSSON, from Iceland, Jamie GUNN from Scotland, Glenn NYS from Belgium, Tibor KISS from Hungary, Simon BRUGER from Switzerland, Joe POCOCK from Canada, Cory SUMMERS from the USA, Yrjo HAMALAINEN from Finland, Stefan SOLITSCH from Germany, Johan LONGHURST from the Netherlands and Fabien PATHENEY, the 2017 and 2018 French champion. Another French thrower, Maxime BILLEAUD, will  complete the Bressuire line-up.

This line-up is not very different from this year's amateur World Championship in Fofor: eight of the twelve Highlanders will throw in Bressuire..

The 2018 line-up in Fofor, Norway (photo: Maxime REGNIEZ)

Fofor 2018 bisFrom left to right : Johan LONGHURST, Holland ; Stefan DUMITRICA, Roumania ; Fabien PATHENEY, France ; Svavar SIGURSTEINSSON, Iceland ; Yrjo HAMALAINEN, Finland; Glenn NYS, Belgium ; Austin STZAJADOUCHER, Canada ; Jamie GUNN, Scotland ; Phillip FRIEDEMANN, Germany ; Kyle LILLIE, USA ; Joe POCOCK ,Canada ; Tibor KISS, Hungary.

Eleven flags in Bressuire, France

As usual, the competition in Bressuire will host throwers from everywhere in the world. Next year, eleven flags will blow in the Bressuire wind at the castle.

DSC_0378With all these high-flyiers, no doubt the competition will be very impressive!

It's always the case in Bressuire...

Alain CADU