There is an Actors Studio for the cinema. Why not a Throwers Studio to remember our awesome amateur Worlds in Bressuire, France?

Here are the photos of the 12 champions plus the IHGF president and the Chieftain.(Credit: Jacques PAQUEREAU)


Skylar ARNESON, USA,  the new amateur World Champion

highland_studio_2019_JP009Glenn NYS from Belgium, number 2 in the competition

highland_studio_2019_JP016Jamie GUNN , the Giant Killer from Scotland, number 3

highland_studio_2019_JP020Murdo MASTERSON, the 20-year-old newcomer from Scotland, number 4

highland_studio_2019_JP011Johann LANGHURST from the Netherlands, number 5 and Joe POCOCK from Canada, number 6

highland_studio_2019_JP018          highland_studio_2019_JP012

Svavar SIGURSTEINSSON from Iceland, number 7 in the competition and number 1 as a "clapping" leader

highland_studio_2019_JP023Stefan KOLITSCH from Germany, number 8 and 2019 amateur caber World Champion

highland_studio_2019_JP025Fabien PATHENAY from France, number 9

highland_studio_2019_JP027Irjo MAMALAINEN from Finland, number 10

highland_studio_2019_JP040Maxime BILLEAUD from France, number 11

highland_studio_2019_JP029...and last but not least Tibor KISS from HUNGARY

highland_studio_2019_JP008You want more? Here's Francis BREBNER, the IHGF president

highland_studio_2019_JP033and, of course, chieftain Jérôme PITORIN

highland_studio_2019_JP087Credit: Jacques PAQUEREAU from "Regards", the local photo-club

Thanks a lot, Jacques.

Backstage: the making of

Credit: Philippe BIDET-EMERIAU

Hland - studio - PBE - (15)

Hland - studio - PBE - (25)

Hland - studio - PBE - (29)Thanks to all the photographers

Best "Regards" to the local photo-club