Sandro LUSICIC from Germany has become the new lightweight European vice-champion in Luzarches, France.

And you know why he is easily noticed in a group of competitors?

First because he wears heart-spangled pink socks.DSCN5125

That's why he is proud to show them and to show his spikes to the photographer before starting his hammer throw.

But there is more to make him really noticeable during a competition.

Just try to wonder what he is going to do when he is in the cage before throwing the hammer!

Your French blogger-speaker gives you the answer with this surprising photo taken by Gérard VERNOIS in Luzarches, France during the European championships won by Stefan DUMITRICA from Roumania.

43042938_10205447243296414_340163557326848000_n bisBut don't worry!

It's not only a back-up...

It's certainly a kind of concentration before throwing.

And it proved to be very efficient because Sandro won both the light and heavy hammer-throw.

43137847_10205447266456993_1418759639264133120_n bis

Cheers and Congrats for Sandro!

and Bottoms up for his hammer-throw!

 Alain CADU


Photos: Gérard VERNOIS (n°2 and 3), your blogger (n°1)

Thanks, Gérard, for your photos. They are true-to-life!