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The Bressuire Highland Games blog tries to give you all the information you must know about the Bressuire IHGF European Championships and the Celtic week-end on June 10 and 11 in the fantastic castle of the city.


What a programme with a piping competition, celtic dancers, a concert with the Booze Brothers, a Force Basque show...

...and, of course, the Highland Games French Championship

...and the IHGF Professionnal European Championship

The blog also gives you the link for the bookings.

More to come

And it will soon post the trailer for our Highland Games and slideshows about our past Highland Games.

Bressuire, the place to be on June 10 and 11

1- The programme on the leaflet

HG programme

2- The line-up with the crème de la crème of European throwers

Rafal 1Hans LOLKEMA, Netherlands

Pieter-Karst BOUMA, Netherlands

Lorne COLTHART, Scotland

Vladislav TULACEK, Czech republic

Sebastian WENTA, Poland

Damiel DOROW, Germany

Rafal KOBYLARZ, Poland (1)

Jamie GUNN, Scotland

Raynor WORTEL, Netherlands



(1) Rafal is a Strongman and he is also the 2016 Amateur World Champion



about the line-up

about Robert WATT and the pipers

about our Highland Games story

about the Booze Brothers



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