If you have read the previous post "Windows on the World", you know why the castle in Bressuire-the-Scot is haunted.

Just have a look!

2017 05 HG 028It is haunted by a long story of Highland Games (just a click to discover it)

It's haunted by a long tradition of pipers, celtic dancers and international throwers.

Just have a look and see how the Scottish spirit has invaded our castle that will host the next IHGF European Pro Championship on June 10 and 11

Just follow the guide

2017 05 HG 031Thanks to Louis Fradin and Jean-Parick Jolly, two of our photographers, Scotland is everywhere on huge boards and in small frames: outside the château, at the windows and inside the exhibition rooms!

Come in and enjoy this awesome exhibition!

2017 05 HG 045

2017 05 HG 039

2017 05 HG 046

2017 05 HG 042The castle in Bressuire-the-Scot is waiting for you....

affiche 2017Just come and enjoy our celtic festival, our Highland Games and our exceptionnal exhibition



 The venue: Château de Bressuire, France

The date: June 10 and 11

The programme and the line-up: just a link

The pipe-band competition with Robert WATT and Peter McNAMEE in the jury: just a link

The celtic dancers:just a link


Photos and Text: Alain CADU