07 juin 2015

"Entertainment galore": A poem for the Games

A few years ago a meeting took place When San Francisco and Bressuire came face to face; Which of these cities would have the honour to host The World Championship of the Games that we cherish the most?   In spite of having such a formidable foe, Bressuire was chosen as you all know; 'Tis true the castle venue is a hard one to beat - Over past years it has witnessed many a feat. Hammer, stone and caber have been hurled, thrown and tossed, Some have garnered medals, others, alas, have lost; But... [Lire la suite]

21 janvier 2014

Bressuire celebrates haggis and Robert Burns

ENGLISH VERSION (l'article en français à la suite) According to tradition, Bressuire will not forget to honour Robert Burns, the poet. And Scottish cooks will be in our city to prepare the famous haggis.Be sure nobody will have the opportunity to sing with the Rolling Stones :"I can't get no haggisfaction" But thanks to Mary Pinet, everybody can have the opportunity to celebrate it in poetry An Ode to Haggis by Mary PINET As Scotland’s favorite poet you are rightly remembered A Red Red Rose, Tam... [Lire la suite]
03 décembre 2013

A poem to celebrate the Basque games

Back in October in sunny Biarritz A festival took place that thrilled our blogger to bits. For ten days Basque athletes showed off their strength, So listen in there as we describe all at length.   The first event was familiar – a mighty tug o’ war – Which had all the crowd clamouring for more. This game goes back to 2000 BC Or so claimed the Speaker Mr ETXART Gabi. In Scottish Games stones, weights and hammers are used Thrown for height and for distance – to keep all amused. While the big event in Scotland is... [Lire la suite]
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19 août 2009

Tossing the caber: qualifications

  The spectators looked on with breath all bated – This was the event they had all awaited: The qualifications of tossing the caber When each man strives to out toss his neighbour. Alas, halfway through the proceedings The larch trunk lay on the ground a-bleeding! What could be done? The caber was broken! But before long Judge Webster had spoken: All contestants through to the final would go, Heralding for Sunday an even more exciting show!