A few years ago a meeting took place
When San Francisco and Bressuire came face to face;
Which of these cities would have the honour to host
The World Championship of the Games that we cherish the most?
In spite of having such a formidable foe,
Bressuire was chosen as you all know;
'Tis true the castle venue is a hard one to beat -
Over past years it has witnessed many a feat.

chateau hélico presto + panneau bressuire et pipers

Hammer, stone and caber have been hurled, thrown and tossed,
Some have garnered medals, others, alas, have lost;
But this year, mark my words, more than ever is at stake
Since the best athletes in the world will be there to partake.
Twelve men strong and true on the castle will converge,
Which one among them as World Champion will emerge?
So haste ye, in your hundreds, up to the Games -
Have no doubt about it, you'll be glad that you came!

09 7There'll be entertainment galore in the grounds nearby:
Irish and Scottish pipe bands for your attention will vie;
Not to mention the dancers whose talents will extend
To make this a happy and most memorable weekend

president of the Bressuire-Leixlip French-Irish twinning committee

Thanks, Mary


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