09 septembre 2014

The German Highland Games trailer

Just watch this short video. Highland Games, once more, prove how spectacular they are! This is the trailer for the next international Highland Games in Germany from September 18 to 21.If you are a fan of the Bressuire Highland Games, you may be sure to know most of the athletes on the film.Just watch it. You'll love it! Just a click!

04 décembre 2013

Guess what they are doing...

The French blogger is sure this document he cropped on purpose will fascinate Highland Gamers. He found it on ebay thanks to a message posted by the Scottish American Athletic Association on Facebook Some clues What can these young people be doing on this photo? Let me give you some indications to help you before you scroll down the blog and find the complete photo. 1-This close-up comes from a 1934 press photo in black and white. 2-It took place in Germany in a small village called Wunsdorf 3- Their activity celebrates a... [Lire la suite]
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04 avril 2013

A Spectacular teaser for the German Championships

Want to know more about the German Highland Games? Want to discover the different events?Just have a look at this trailer for their next Games. Awesome, isn't it? Thanks, Daniel Dorow for your video and see you soon in Bressuire.  
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