2015 highland 3 114In Bressuire, you can throw a 25,3 k weight over the bar and break a new record at 5.10m.

But you can also throw the Coreff keg over the bar and send it just a little bit higher: 5,11 meters.

This is what Dan McKIM did in Bressuire on Saturday and that's why he was so pleased in front of the scoreboard. (photo Alain CADU)

And at that time, he didn't know yet that he would become the new 2015 world champion.

Throwing the keg higher and higher

Throwing the 24,3 kg (53,6Ib) beer keg is just like throwing the weight over bar.

It's the same kind of competition with three tries at each bar going higher and higher.

It's just a bit lighter (24,3 k instead of 25,3 k) but a bit more awkward to throw.

In Bressuire, the different bars for the keg were 4,20m then 4,50m, 4,80m and finally 5,11m.

Just see how the kegs flew in Bressuire (Photos Louis FRADIN) before reaching 5,11m.

All the results:All the results, tous les résultats:

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The 3K's: Keg, Kelly, Mc Kim

IMG_3412 (1049x1280)5.11m

It was just one cm over Jonathan KELLY's bar at 5,10m.

The Irish Strongman had  established this record in 2013, after a fantastic show of force.(see Kelly)

But the official Bressuire record only lasted two years... until Dan Mc KIM took the keg into his hands

IMG_3458 (738x1280)And you know what?

Dan Mc KIM just tumbled the Bressuire record in front a very enthusiastic crowd at the end of Day 1.

And he was asolutely delighted!

But he decided it would be enough because there would be more events on Sunday...

Weight and see

At that time , he was only second in the overall competition, 3 points behind Matt VINCENT .

Dan certainly imagined it would be a very  long way to the World Championship title....

There were four more events left: Braemar stone, light weight for distance, heavy hammer and weight over bar.

And he certainly knew that, after the Bressuire keg, he could also win the weight for height.

He had just to weigh(t) and see

Alain CADU

Photos: Louis FRADIN



See how Dan McKIM and Jono McFARLANE are staring at this Coreff Keg during the competition.

You may be sure they also appreciate Matt VINCENT's technique

Photos: Marie-Claire GIRAUD