IMG_5845After Jimmy VAN DE WALLE, here comes the Dutchman Pieter Karst BOUMA.

Everybody remembers that last year, even if he only finished fourth in the teamed competition, he was the best thrower in the individual competition. (photo: Highland Games, France)

2012: n°1 in Bressuire, n°2 in Luzarches

He also sent the caber flying high to become the "tossing the caber" European champion in Bressuire.

He also finished second at the 2012 Luzarches Highland Games in September. Number 1 was Bruce AITKEN and number 3 was ... Jimmy Van de WALLE.

And, of course, for the Bressuire Highland Games on June 8 and 9, there are more throwers to come...

Once more, the competition will be awesome in Bressuire.
And Francis BREBNER, the president of the international federation, is already looking forward to these European Championship.
Francis Brebner: "Bressuire, a recipe for success"

Bressuire highland jbThis years IHGF European Highland games Championships looks like it will be a fantastic competition once again with an awsome line up of the top European athletes.

Bressuire games is a winning recipe for succes which covers every part of trational Highland games and has one of the best locations you could ever wish to have for a Highland games with such a awesome atmosphere.

The people of Bressuire are the best and I long to be back there once again and meet with dear friends.

Thanks for the compliment, Francis!
 Alain CADU

chateau hélico

Bressuire Highland Games: Here we are!