22 juin 2017

Bressuire-the-Scot: Celtic dancers in full swing

What are the differences between two Celtic dancers and a  European thrower at the Bressuire Highland Games? According to Mary PINET, our special contributor for this post, there are none: they are all  in full swing and these two photos by Louis Fradin and Jean-Patrick Jolly just illustrate it. "A Celtic Festival in full swing" by Mary PINET During the Highland Games weekend, Bressuire Castle was the scene of richly contrasting events. Down in the sporting area, the heavies were throwing their weights around and... [Lire la suite]

27 mai 2017

Scottish and Irish dancers: Amazing grace

Celtic dancers are essential to make Highland Games successful! And Mary PINET, the president of the Irish-French twinning Committee, is really convinced about it. Just read what she posted after the IHGF Worlds, two years ago. Amazing graceNo doubt about it - during the World Championship Highland Games weekend in Bressuire, there was something for everyone.Feats worthy of Hercules with the heavies flexing their muscles and gathering their strength in an almighty effort to hurl the hammer as far as possible and catapult the caber... [Lire la suite]
05 avril 2017

You know Watt? Bressuire accueille une star de la cornemuse

MISE A JOUR Les Highland Games sont généralement la fête des gros bras retourneurs de troncs d'arbres, des frêles danseuses de gay-gordons et des pipe-bands venus avec armes et bagages, kilts, tambours et cornemuses.Avec, en prime, un groupe de rock celtique, les Booze brothers qui ont déjà fait la une du blog. Il y aura, bien sûr, tout cette variété celtique sur les pelouses du château et, même plus encore avec une demonstration de Force basque ainsi qu'un concours de pipebands français en présence d'une star de la discipline. ... [Lire la suite]
21 février 2017

French pipers, Celtic dancers and European throwers:what else?

For the IHGF European Professionnal Championships in Bressuire on June 10 and 11, the famous castle will host the best throwers, of course, but also the crème de la crème of French pipers and  young dancers from Ireland and Scotland. The spectators will also have the opportunity to listen to celtic rock music with the Booze Brothers and discover a sport from Southern France called Force basque Definitely, the venue at the castle will be exceptionnal and diversified and if you enjoy Highland Games Bressuire will be on June 10... [Lire la suite]