14 juin 2017

WOB at 5,59m (18'4,08")...Vlad so close to the world record

Highlight of the day: Sunday afternoon at Bressuire IHGF European Pro Championship. It's time for the last event: weight over bar.Vlad TULACEK had just broken the field record (5,11 m) and you know what? he decided to have the bar at 5,59 m, one cm higher than the world record. If you have read the blog, you know that Vlad TULACEK was the Superstar of the Bressuire Highland Games. A landslide victoryHe won six out of the eight heavy events, grabbed the title for caber-tossing and broke two field records. He din't wait long: he... [Lire la suite]

19 juillet 2015

Superposition, Flip-books: Strange cabers flying in Bressuire

Our photographer Thierry TURC is a specialist of Superposition. That's why Xavier TATIBOUET's caber-throw during the French Masters Championship at the Bressuire castle looks particularly strange and impressive. But Thierry is also a specialist of flip-booking. Just click on this photo to enjoy Scott RIDER's caber-toss under the rain at the end of the IHGF Worlds in Bressuire It's not a video. It's just a flip-book with two photos per second.. Quite an original tribute to the 2015 caber-toss world champion, isn't it?. Thanks,... [Lire la suite]
21 juin 2015

The 12 champions from 1 to 12, le classement illustré

12 Thanks to Patrick BALLARGEAU for his photos. Here's his first album A la une aujourd'hui le premier album-photo de Patrick BALLARGEAU. Qu'il soit remercié 12 fois! Dan Mac KIM, USA, the 2015 world champion with 22 points and 2 victories: weight over bar and heavy weight (photo) L'américain Dan Mac KIM champion du monde 2015 avec deux victoires au poids en hauteur et au poids lourd Matt VINCENT, USA, second with 23 points and one victory: light weight for distance. On the photo, he's throwing the cork, a special Bressuire... [Lire la suite]