13 juin 2019


FOR ENGLISH READERS Want to know about the Bressuire Highland Games? The blog gives you the information you need.. Welcome on board! And stay tuned during the week-end.You'll get informed about the different competions and you'll have see all the photos of this Celtic week-end thanks to our photographers from "Regards", the local photo-club. See you soon! Alain CADU, blogger and speaker THE PLACE: THE SETTING: The old castle is a fantastic showcase for the Highland Games HIGHLAND GAMES STORY in BRESSUIRE: Just a click What... [Lire la suite]

27 avril 2017

Bressuire Highland Games, the place to be on June 10, 11

Want to see what the Highland Games in Bressuire look like? Want to hear what they sound like? Plan to come to France for the IHGF Professionnal European Championships?So watch this video by Gavin Anderson, our piper, our guitar-player and also our filmmaker You'll see why so many people are looking forward to being in Bressuire on June 10 and 11. Highland Games, pipebands, dancers and a fantastic atmosphere at the old castle: Bressuire will definitely be on June 10 and 11 "the place to be"! Thanks, Gavin, for your video... [Lire la suite]
18 avril 2017

Bressuire: once upon a time, il était une fois

MISE À JOUR. En attendant le grand rendez-vous des championnats d'Europe des 10 et 11 juin prochains au château de Bressuire, les Highland Games se préparent et célèbrent -déjà- leurs vingt ans. Avec deux nouveaux co-présidents Alain ROUSSELOT et Jean-Claude BORDONNAT pour remplacer l'historique Jean-Louis COPPET (photo Courrier de l'Ouest) UPDATE: two presidents after Jean-Louis COPPET Pour le meilleur et pour la pierre Il va de soi que le blog vous tiendra régulièrement informés concernant le programme et les engagés. Et, bien... [Lire la suite]
10 juin 2015

BOUCHON et FÛT, les épreuves hors concours

En marge de l'octathlon de la force avec pierres lourde et légère, marteaux lourd et léger, poids lourd et léger, poids en hauteur et caber, Bressuire propose depuis ses Highland Games de 2005 deux épreuves franco-françaises, le lancer de bouchon en longueur et le lancer de fût de bière en hauteur.Gros plan sur ces deux disciplines qui enchantent les lanceurs LANCER DU BOUCHON BOUVET LADUBAY (12.8 kilos) Si, lors des retours de vacances, ils y a des bouchons sur les routes françaises, pour le championnat de France à Bressuire, il... [Lire la suite]
18 mai 2015

Hammers and pipers in Bressuire: a giant ten pin bowling alley

You can't imagine Highland Games without pipers.Whether they take place in Bressuire, France or anywhere else in the world! But have you ever noticed that when the hammer throwers start throwing, the pipers are no longer piping? In fact, they are nowhere to be seen having run for cover up to the castle forecourt. How can we explain such behaviour on the part of those whose ancestors in days of yore used to boldly lead Scottish armies into battle against their English foe, bagpiping the Scots to victory as the English fled in... [Lire la suite]
14 mai 2015

La légende du bouclier: 100.000 fois bienvenue

MISE A JOUR Pas de Highland Games sans cérémonie d'inauguration!Pas de cérémonie d'inauguration sans le traditionnel bouclier des Highland Games! Et les "chieftains", parrain de la cérémonie, se succèdent régulièrement dans le sillage de Wout ZILJSTRA, le premier parrain de 2003. La force de frappe du bouclier Et ils seront deux cette année à succéder à Jean-Pierre FAGNON, ancien adjoint au sport qui en 2013 avait frappé le bouclier en direction des quatre points cardinaux. Pour lui succéder, Jean-Louis COPPET a choisi Francis... [Lire la suite]

06 mai 2015

MUSING in poetry : Knockin' down the Church tower

What is it, you may wonder, that can regularly inspire The stone putters to throw ever higher and higher? What is it that spurs the hammer throwers on To hurl their missiles with gusto, like bullets from a gun? Well, I’ll tell you what gives them such incredible power – They’re trying to knock down Bressuire Church Tower! With all the champions who’ve already been It’s a marvel the tower is still on the scene And now it has every good reason to quake For two future events could leave disaster in their wake: The European... [Lire la suite]
17 avril 2015

1991-2015: From a twinning to an IHGF World Championship

UPDATE. Once upon a time, well, in 1991 to be precise, the towns of Bressuire and Fraserburgh decided to get hitched. So they tied the knot and vowed to stick together for better for worse, for richer for poorer, et cetera, et cetera. The partnership flourished and proved to be particularly fertile: indeed, in 2003 it gave birth to a bonny wee bairn: the Association of the Highland Games of France. Proud godparents Jean-Louis COPPET, the first chairman of the Bressuire Fraserburgh Twinning Committee, and Francis BREBNER from... [Lire la suite]
26 août 2014

Iwo-Jima caberwise in Bressuire

2010: The Bressuire Bockers raise the pole for Larry Brock UPDATE: A pole leaning at 45°, a flag, men straining to raise the pole into vertical position. Looks familiar? Of course, Joe Rosenthal’s famous photo of American GIs raising the stars and stripes on Mount Suribach.It was on the island of Iwo Jima in 1945! Stars and stripes In the film "Flags of our Fathers", Clint Eastwood tells the story behind the photo - how it was used to promote the war effort in the US. If the story behind the Bressuire Bockers’ photo were... [Lire la suite]
21 janvier 2014

Bressuire celebrates haggis and Robert Burns

ENGLISH VERSION (l'article en français à la suite) According to tradition, Bressuire will not forget to honour Robert Burns, the poet. And Scottish cooks will be in our city to prepare the famous haggis.Be sure nobody will have the opportunity to sing with the Rolling Stones :"I can't get no haggisfaction" But thanks to Mary Pinet, everybody can have the opportunity to celebrate it in poetry An Ode to Haggis by Mary PINET As Scotland’s favorite poet you are rightly remembered A Red Red Rose, Tam... [Lire la suite]