25 avril 2015

Les 12 Mondiaux 9-Un Jono Macfarlane tambour battant

Jono MACFARLANE, le néo-zélandais formé pour être pasteur baptiste, est un drôle de paroissien. Attention! Il ne pille pas les troncs. Il se contente de les retourner. Guiness is good for Jono Il continue à lire la Bible mais n'oublie pas le Guiness Book où il figure pour deux titres mondiaux: le lancer d'homme volant et consentant avec un jet à 4,87 mètres le lancer de machine à laver (record acquis en 2009 avec 4,015 mètres, mais battu depuis)   Tambour battant C'est dire s'il mène ses lancers de machines à laver... [Lire la suite]

15 avril 2015

The 12 champions 9- Jono Macfarlane, the compulsive thrower

Jono MACFARLANE from New-Zealand is a true compulsive thrower. He throws weights, stones, cabers and hammers but not only.... Twice in the Guiness book after throwing a person and a washing machine He is also the current Guinness World Record Holder for the Longest Throw of a Person (2009, 4.87m). And until recently he was the holder for Longest Throw of a Washing Machine (2009, Broken by Hafthor 'The Mountain' Bjornsson)    And yet, this man is particularly quiet and peaceful in his everyday life. Just read his... [Lire la suite]
30 octobre 2014

Exceptionnal: a Multi-caber toss in 1934

Just have a look at this photo already posted on the Highland Games blog in december 2013. Of course, this multi-caber toss can't be found in the Guiness Book of records. But it could prove that "the fantastic 66" (photo) has its roots in Germany A long title for a short story This press photograph in black and white dates back to 1934 and the multi caber-toss took place in Germany in a small village called Wunsdorf. Strangely enough, it was meant to celebrate a harvest thanksgiving and not to set a record. This document was... [Lire la suite]
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24 octobre 2014

After the 66 in the Guiness Book, the history of multi-caber toss

Thanks to David GARMAN, we can have more about the history of multi-caber toss after the fantastic "66 cabers" of Inverness. "I have something here that shows the birth of the multi-caber toss. This is Myrtle Creek, Oregon circa 1998. Six cabers in Myrtle Creek This photo was sent to me by Eric Wechter, long time thrower and highland games archivist. From left to right, Looks like Bill "Wild Bill" Butler (HOF), Bryant Harris in the green kilt, third guy is unknown at this time, Mike Douglas with the yellow and red caber, Big... [Lire la suite]