30 juin 2015

Bressuire new records (2) Cork-throw

Want to know about the Bressuire cork-throw with spectacular photos by Marie-Claire GIRAUD? The recipe is quite easy... Just take a giant cork weighing 12,7 kilos (28 Ib). Add some natural strength and impetus! The Braemar wayThrow the cork as far as you can.But you must do it the Braemar way without any rotation.And you know what? You get one of the two Bressuire special events.The first one is the Coreff  keg and it's just like the weight for height. Just a click if you want to kow what it's like: Coreff keg over bar A... [Lire la suite]

29 décembre 2014

2015 in Bressuire: let corks fly for a Heavy New Year

  Let corks fly to celebrate 2015 with a bubble of excitement! The blogger of the Bressuire, France Highland Games wishes you a "Happy New Year" of course.But with the upcoming IHGF Worlds, he can't help wishing you a "Heavy New Year", too!Mind my words! And just have a look at these 12 Heavies who will compete in the Bressuire castle on June 13 and 14. Peter Karst BOUMA from Holland, Matt DOCHERTY from Canada, Robert FAZEKAS from Hungary, Jona Mac FARLANE from New Zealand, Dan Mac KIM from the USA, Sinclair PATIENCE... [Lire la suite]
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21 décembre 2010

A bubble of excitement for a cork throw

The cork for distance throw:this event unique to Bressuire was the inspiration of the sparkling wine company Bouvet Ladubay. Gregor Edmonds threw the 12.8 kilo oak cork a distance of 8.71m, making the crowd fairly bubble with excitement! Ready! Steady! Throw!   On the right 2 photo-albums : 01 TOP 5 lancer du bouchon 2009 et 2010