07 mai 2017

Bressuire Highland Games: Programme, line-up and bookings

The Bressuire Highland Games blog tries to give you all the information you must know about the Bressuire IHGF European Championships and the Celtic week-end on June 10 and 11 in the fantastic castle of the city. Bressuire-the-Scot What a programme with a piping competition, celtic dancers, a concert with the Booze Brothers, a Force Basque show... ...and, of course, the Highland Games French Championship ...and the IHGF Professionnal European Championship The blog also gives you the link for the bookings. More to comeAnd it... [Lire la suite]

19 novembre 2015

De la Salle Scout Pipe-Band in Bressuire: Playing in the rain

The video is a flashback to the Highland Games World Championship held in Bressuire in June of this year. After piping in the sun on Satuday.... ... the De La Salle Scout pipeband from Waterford City in Ireland played throughout Sunday's atrocious weather conditions until they could no longer run the risk of waterlogging their instruments. Sunday: playing in the pouring rain To pay tribute to their stoicism, here is  a short ditty to be sung to the tune of Gene Kelly's famous Singin' in the Rain. Doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo,... [Lire la suite]
27 juin 2014

Aubigny-sur-Nère, France: 200 lassies in the bag

Everybody knows the saying about a good piper... He plays the bagpipe because he has "his lassie in the bag and good whisky in the pipe".In Aubigny-sur-Nère, France, there will be 200 lassies in the pipers' bags for the parade. Just before Bastille Day! Auld AlliancesThe pipers will definitely celebrate the Auld Alliance between their lassie and whisky.But they'll also celebrate the Auld Alliance between France and Scotland.Aubigny, in fact, is the city of the Stuarts..And every year, just before Bastille Day, they celebrate the... [Lire la suite]
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27 juin 2014

200 cornemuses: Aubigny-sur-Nère pipebande encore

Il arrive parfois que la cornemuse m'use Il arrive aussi qu'elle me tape sur les nerfs. Mais jamais, o grand jamais, elle ne me tape sur la Nère! Na na na na na! Na na na na nère! Surtout pas à Aubigny, l'ancienne cité des Stuarts. Et ce n'est pas un hasard si les 11, 12, 13 juillet, Aubigny-sur-Nère dans le Cher va accueillir plus de 200 cornemuses pour sa fête annuelle consacrée à l'amitié franco-écossaise. On ne lésine pas avec l'Auld Alliance dans le Berry sans pour autant se prendre la tête! Sans se monter le berrichon! ... [Lire la suite]
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06 février 2013

Un clip cornemusier de Peter Mc Namee

Today: a chronicle in French by Alain Tomorrow: a limerick in English by Mary Le tambour-major Peter Mc Namee est devenu une figure incontournable des Highland Games. A Bressuire, il fait désormais quasiment partie du décor..Au même titre que le château ou les troncs à retourner. Vous pouvez le retrouver sur ce clip dégoté, via Facebook, par Patrick ROCH.Ce n'est pas très Roch and Roll. Mais c'est cornemusier à souhait...C'est surtout la preuve que, pour Patrick comme pour les autres fans bressuirais,les amis de mes Namee sont... [Lire la suite]
29 juin 2011

Of boobs, bagpipes and bockers

No self-respecting French home bookshelf is complete without a copy of the French language dictionary, Le Petit Robert. Every year it is brought up to date and this year’s crop of new words includes “cougars”, “e-learning”, “tweets” and ……..”vuvuzelas”. Which is enough to make poor Alain howl with despair. Indeed, in 2010 during the World Cup in South Africa, our blogger went to great lengths to demonstrate once and for all and unequivocally the superior merits of the bagpipes (photo Joannick BRIAND) over the vuvuzela. He is... [Lire la suite]