18 mai 2015

Hammers and pipers in Bressuire: a giant ten pin bowling alley

You can't imagine Highland Games without pipers.Whether they take place in Bressuire, France or anywhere else in the world! But have you ever noticed that when the hammer throwers start throwing, the pipers are no longer piping? In fact, they are nowhere to be seen having run for cover up to the castle forecourt. How can we explain such behaviour on the part of those whose ancestors in days of yore used to boldly lead Scottish armies into battle against their English foe, bagpiping the Scots to victory as the English fled in... [Lire la suite]

17 avril 2015

1991-2015: From a twinning to an IHGF World Championship

UPDATE. Once upon a time, well, in 1991 to be precise, the towns of Bressuire and Fraserburgh decided to get hitched. So they tied the knot and vowed to stick together for better for worse, for richer for poorer, et cetera, et cetera. The partnership flourished and proved to be particularly fertile: indeed, in 2003 it gave birth to a bonny wee bairn: the Association of the Highland Games of France. Proud godparents Jean-Louis COPPET, the first chairman of the Bressuire Fraserburgh Twinning Committee, and Francis BREBNER from... [Lire la suite]
25 avril 2014

After Paddy's day: a Franco-Irish quiz... with the answers

It is now customary for French people to celebrate Paddy’s Day. Strange when you come to think about it, but after all, any excuse is a good excuse for a party! Bressuire is no exception and at least has the excuse of being twinned with Leixlip, near Dublin. And so it was that, albeit a few days before the Day itself, the village hall of Terves was bedecked with giant shamrocks and Irish flags, thus becoming the venue for a most enjoyable evening. A great atmosph'Eire A Franco-Irish quiz concocted by Maureen Hugo soon had the... [Lire la suite]
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24 mars 2014

La Saint Patrick à la sauce française: un grand bol d'Eire

Il n'était pas question pour le jumelage Bressuire- Leixlip d'oublier la Saint-Patrick. Il fallait bien se mettre au vert! Atout trèfleEt, cette année encore, l'équipe présidée par Mary PINET a célébré le Saint Patron Irlandais en débarquant en vert et contre tout dans la salle de Terves. Avec trèfle et houblon dans les bagages! Au menu: un Irish Stew particulièrement ragoûtant et un Gavin Anderson délaissant pour un soir le folklore écossais pour des ballades irlandaises. En guise de hors d'oeuvre, un petit quizz bien senti sur... [Lire la suite]
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21 janvier 2014

Bressuire celebrates haggis and Robert Burns

ENGLISH VERSION (l'article en français à la suite) According to tradition, Bressuire will not forget to honour Robert Burns, the poet. And Scottish cooks will be in our city to prepare the famous haggis.Be sure nobody will have the opportunity to sing with the Rolling Stones :"I can't get no haggisfaction" But thanks to Mary Pinet, everybody can have the opportunity to celebrate it in poetry An Ode to Haggis by Mary PINET As Scotland’s favorite poet you are rightly remembered A Red Red Rose, Tam... [Lire la suite]
03 décembre 2013

A poem to celebrate the Basque games

Back in October in sunny Biarritz A festival took place that thrilled our blogger to bits. For ten days Basque athletes showed off their strength, So listen in there as we describe all at length.   The first event was familiar – a mighty tug o’ war – Which had all the crowd clamouring for more. This game goes back to 2000 BC Or so claimed the Speaker Mr ETXART Gabi. In Scottish Games stones, weights and hammers are used Thrown for height and for distance – to keep all amused. While the big event in Scotland is... [Lire la suite]
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24 novembre 2013

Asterix and Obelix promote the Highland Games

Rumour has it that for some French people the expression “Highland Games” remains an enigma, a barbaric term that does not necessarily conjure up images of feats of strength. Asterix to the rescue With the upcoming World Championship to be staged in Bressuire in June 2015, this is a dire situation that has to be remedied. Luckily Asterix has come to the rescue. The latest album should prove enlightening for all and sundry. Its title? “Asterix chez les Pictes” and in it the indomitable Gauls visit their Pict contemporaries way... [Lire la suite]
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02 octobre 2013

HandiJeux: Leixlip hip hip hourrah!

Il n'y a pas que les sports de force sur le blog. On y accueille aussi avec plaisir les HandiJeux... Normal! On y conjugue avec le même enthousiasme Jeux de Force et Force des Jeux.On y décline avec la même passion Highland Games et Handi Games. Surtout quand la délégation bressuiraise exhibe ses trophées et médailles glanés aux Handijeux de Leixlip en Irlande!Bressuire: la force des H Games Bressuire, outre ses Highland Games, a aussi organisé ses HandiJeux. H comme Highlands, mais aussi H comme Handi! C'était en 2011 au stade... [Lire la suite]
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01 octobre 2013

Bressuire at the Leixlip Handigames

Normal 0 21 false false false FR X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Tableau Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; ... [Lire la suite]
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14 janvier 2013

Les insolites de l'année, 2012 from another angle (Part 1)

Le blogueur - speaker ne pouvait commencer l'année sans une célébration des belles images et des vidéos de 2012. To get the new year off to a good start, our blogger-speaker looks back over the high points of 2012. Avec, en ouverture, les lanceurs qui nous ont fait vibrer lors des championnats d'Europe amateurs par équipes et des championnats de France. Beginning with the athletes who mesmerized the crowds at the European Teamed Championship and the French Championship. C'est parti in French and en anglais (Thanks, Mary!). Let's... [Lire la suite]
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