01 juillet 2017

Bressuire Highland Games: haunted castle and crazy cabers

Just have a look at the cabers in Bressuire with this photo by Patrick Ballargeau from "Regards", the local photo-club. An amazing caber-toss by Vlad Tulacek, isn't it? And what about this one by Thierry Turc from the same club? No wonder Vlad has won the competition.... And this is just the same with Rafal KOBYLARZ shot by Thierry Trurc again... Very stange, isn't it? There are even people who suggest that the old castle in Bressuire-the-Scot is haunted. Maybe they are not wrong, especially when our photographer Jacques... [Lire la suite]

26 juin 2017

Des frères La Picole solides comme le rock

Les Highland Games au coeur du vieux château médiéval ont toujours été bâtis sur le roc.Bâtis sur le rock! Et cela s'est bien vu et -surtout- bien entendu lors du show tonitruant des Booze brothers samedi soir Après les Red Hot Chili Pipers et les Cetkilts à la musique aussi tonique que celtique, la place était chaud brûlant pour les Booze Brothers.D'autant que leur bande-annonce chantait comme une promesse musiqcale pleine de celtitude... C'est parti mon kiki! C'est parti mon kikilt! Autant dire que, comme les Heavies, Les... [Lire la suite]
18 juin 2017

Bressuire Highland Games: nine grinning faces...

You think the nine Heavies competing for the IHGF European Pro title in Bressuire-the-Scot are making faces? You are wrong.. Their faces just reveal how strong their effort is.Just have a look at these close-ups by our photographer Jacques PAQUEREAU After Rafal KOBYLARZ, Raynor WORTEL and Hans LOLKEMA throwing the hammer, after Jamie GUNN throwing the stone and Lorne COLTHART the hammer, here come Seb WENTA, Svavar SIGURSTEINSSON, Daniel DOROW and the new IHGF European Pro Champion Vlad TULACEK