13 juin 2015

The IHGF Worlds afer 4 events: 1-VINCENT, 2-MacKIM, 3-RIDER

Without winning a single event, the American Matt VINCENT is leading the IHGF Worlds in Bressuire. He has got his 12 points after finishing second at the open stone and at the heavy weight. He finished third at the hammer and fifth at the caber Dan Mac KIM is second with 14 points after the first day of competition and Scott RIDER is third with 15 points. After 4 events: 1- Matt VINCENT, USA 12 points 2- Dan Mac KIM, USA 14 points 3- Scott RIDER, England, 15 points 4- Lucasz WENTA, Poland, 19 points 5- Matt DOHERTY, Canada 19... [Lire la suite]

12 juin 2015

Bressuire, la crème de la crème on stage

UPDATE, Mise à jour (more photos) Bressuire, 20h à Bocapole. Les voici, les voilà....pendant la soirée avec les sponsors Bressuire, 8 p.m. Here they are in Bressuire one day before the competition Francis BREBNER, the IHGF president, Robert FAZEKAS, Craig SINCLAIR, Jono MacFARLANE, Dan MLAc KIM, Matt DOHERTY, Jimmy VAN de WALLE, Sinclair PATIENCE, Lucasz WENTA, Matt VINCENT, Peter- Karst BOUMA, Seb WENTA, Scott RIDER and your speaker-blogger. Les 12 champions des Highland Games ont été présentés à leurs 104 sponsors vendredi... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2015

The Bressuire IHGF World Championships in just a few clicks

Want to know all the throwers, their personnal bests and their victories?As easy as ABC to have all the portraits in English or French. Just click on Champions   Want to discover all the records and imagine how many could tumble in Bressuire? No problem! Here's your link: Records   Interested in the history of the Games? Highland Games Story   Want to know the programme of the week-end? Programme   The Games live on Dailymotion ... [Lire la suite]
09 juin 2015

EXCLUSIVE: The 12 champions, records and personnal bests

Want to know all the World, World championship and Bressuire records at a glance?A click is just enough: Records_29_03_2015 Want to see what the 12 throwers in competition for the IHGF Worlds  look like? A slideshow for the twelve champions Want to discover their portrait, their personnal bests and their achievements? Just have a look at this homemade slideshow first ... ...and, then, discover the twelve champions in alphabetical order from B for BOUMA to W for WENTA: Peter Karst BOUMA from Holland, Matt DOCHERTY... [Lire la suite]
08 juin 2015

Scoop: Jono Mc Farlane interviewé par Molière

Le collège Molière de Bouillé-Loretz vient de réaliser un joli scoop avec l'interview, en anglais of course, du néo-zélandais Jono MacFarlane juste avant son départ pour Bressuire.Bravo aux jeunes collégiens qui participent à l'opération une classe, un champion dans le cadre du partenariat entre l'AJEF et douze classe du département baptisée Highland scolaires! Le blog est heureux de poster cette interview par mail in-extenso avant la photo attendue de leur rencontre durant les Highland Games scolaires jeudi et vendredi au château. ... [Lire la suite]
07 juin 2015

"Entertainment galore": A poem for the Games

A few years ago a meeting took place When San Francisco and Bressuire came face to face; Which of these cities would have the honour to host The World Championship of the Games that we cherish the most?   In spite of having such a formidable foe, Bressuire was chosen as you all know; 'Tis true the castle venue is a hard one to beat - Over past years it has witnessed many a feat. Hammer, stone and caber have been hurled, thrown and tossed, Some have garnered medals, others, alas, have lost; But... [Lire la suite]

04 juin 2015

From Track and Field to Highland Games

UPDATE Many of the Heavies you saw in Bressuire for the 2015 IHGF Worlds just started their career in "olympic" events and come from track and field. Scott RIDER , for example, was a shotput champion, Matt DOHERTY was a hammer-thrower and Robert FAZEKAS a top-ranked discus-thrower. And this is just the same for many others...Never mind! It's just history the other way round! 1- From the Highland Games to the Olympic Games It just proves Pierre de Coubertin, the creator of the modern Olympics in 1896, was kind of visionary when... [Lire la suite]
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02 juin 2015

" Ready, steady, throw!" for Bressuire schoolchildren, too

Young schoolchildren in the Bressuire area are getting ready for their own Highland Games that will take place two days before the IHGF World Championship. And about 100 of them have just practised before this competition they are all looking forward to. The kids' Highland Games will be open to the 12 classes in the Deux-Sèvres département who are matched with one of the 12 champions, thanks to the "one class, one champion" programme. These activities were supervised last Friday by teachers, parents and members of the Bressuire... [Lire la suite]
31 mai 2015

All the records: how many will tumble in Bressuire?

With such a fantastic line-up for the IHGF Worlds, records will tumble in Bressuire.That's for sure!So it's essential to know the 12 champions' personnal bests. The blog gives you all the information you need for each of them on the menu: Just click on Champions That's why it's essential to have all the records in mind World records, World championships records and Bressuire records: that's for you... It will help you enjoy the first Worlds in France   ALL THE OFFICIAL PROFESSIONAL WORLD RECORDS Source: IHGF ... [Lire la suite]
21 mai 2015

The 12 Champions: 12- Scott RIDER from bobsleigh to caber

His first name is quite a paradox. RIDER is Scott but he is also English. And, according to his passion for the Highland Games, we can imagine he comes from Scot(t)land! But Scott RIDER, the English champion with a Scottish Christian name, feels French when he is in Bressuire (photo in 2010 with Craig SINCLAIR from Scotland)Certainly because he is one of Bressuire's favorite sons. A thrower and a coachAs a thrower and as a coach for the French Bockers, he has already had  several opportunities to come to our city.That's why... [Lire la suite]