31 août 2015

Just a few things you can do with a caber...

There are different ways to use a caber : just have a look at these photos! Either you carry it or you toss it. It just depends where you come from.  But this is just the same in Bressuire : There are the people who carry it and we call them the Bockers… And there are the people who are going to toss it : they are the professionnal throwers But there are other categories : The people just like Jean-Louis COPPET who carefully look after them... And also those like Franck POUHET who just saw them... [Lire la suite]
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18 août 2015

So French! A new video about the Bressuire Games

Pipers, dancers, the Top 12 of professionnal throwers (photo by Marie-Claire GIRAUD) and 10.000 enthusiastic spectators in Bressuire, France.Here we are in the castle for the 2015 IHGF Highland Games World Championships. Enjoy this special atmosphere thanks to Bernard Cornet's film edited by the French blogger! Have fun! Bressuire Highland Games  
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12 août 2015

Jean-Louis COPPET: "Unforgettable emotions in a magic setting"

An interview with Jean-Louis COPPET, the man in charge of the IHGF Worlds in Bressuire: "Loads of memories cross the mind two months later. And it is not an easy job to sort things out. What with the time-consuming and busy preparation work, the events and performances in the world competition and the festival , the intense emotions at the dawn of the week-end and the mustering of the 240 volunteers for the week-end. Thanks and Congratulations It was after reading the numerous words of thanks and congratulations to our committee,... [Lire la suite]
08 août 2015

Who's the biggest arm in this exceptional line-up?

In France, we like competitions. All kinds of competitions.. So, during the presentation of the throwers to the sponsors the day before the IHGF Worlds in Bressuire, they all laughed when the speaker-blogger decided to check who had the biggest arm... Of course, there wouldn't be another opportunity  like that in Bressuire, France with such a line-up between 104 and 155 kilos. Just have a look! And the speaker-blogger started his job with the first candidate: Seb WENTA from Poland. Sebastian WENTA, 19.68 inches And the... [Lire la suite]
25 juillet 2015

Bressuire IHGF Worlds: and now a video...

Laurène CASSEVILLE is a young journalist and video-reporter. She did enjoy the spirit and the atmosphere of the Highland Games World Championship in Bressuire.That's why her short film is worth watching.Thanks Laurène! According to Jean-Louis COPPET, more then 10.000 people attended the Games in Bressuire. Of course, most of them came on Saturday under the sun. But the pouring rain on Sunday didn't stop many others from watching the Games until the end. And they did enjoy the suspense for the final victory between Matt VINCENT... [Lire la suite]
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19 juillet 2015

Superposition, Flip-books: Strange cabers flying in Bressuire

Our photographer Thierry TURC is a specialist of Superposition. That's why Xavier TATIBOUET's caber-throw during the French Masters Championship at the Bressuire castle looks particularly strange and impressive. But Thierry is also a specialist of flip-booking. Just click on this photo to enjoy Scott RIDER's caber-toss under the rain at the end of the IHGF Worlds in Bressuire It's not a video. It's just a flip-book with two photos per second.. Quite an original tribute to the 2015 caber-toss world champion, isn't it?. Thanks,... [Lire la suite]

17 juillet 2015

Cats and dogs, hammers and tongs

In Bressuire just like everywhere in the World, Highland Games are fun under the sun. But they are not necessarily a pain under the rain. That was the case in Bressuire for the IHGF WorldsEverybody was great on Saturday when the sun was shining But athletes, spectators and volunteers were even greater on Sunday in spite of the apocalyptic weather. And there were no "Flowers of Scotland" for the pipers: just "Showers of Scotland" in Bressuire-the-Scot But even if it was raining cats and dogs, they were all hammers and tongs ... [Lire la suite]
04 juillet 2015

Independance Day:"May the fourth be with you!"

"May the fourth be with you!" Today's special dedication from the Bressuire speaker-blogger is for our American Heavies on Independance Day Dan McKIM and Matt VINCENT gave us a fantastic competition in the old Bressuire castle... And the 10.000 spectators who had come to encourage them for the IHGF World Championship did enjoy that.Until the last moment, until the last competition, nobody could guess who would become World Champion. And it was an exceptionnal priviledge for the speaker-blogger to comment such a competition and... [Lire la suite]
26 juin 2015

Bressuire new records (1) keg over bar

In Bressuire, you can throw a 25,3 k weight over the bar and break a new record at 5.10m.But you can also throw the Coreff keg over the bar and send it just a little bit higher: 5,11 meters.This is what Dan McKIM did in Bressuire on Saturday and that's why he was so pleased in front of the scoreboard. (photo Alain CADU) And at that time, he didn't know yet that he would become the new 2015 world champion. Throwing the keg higher and higher Throwing the 24,3 kg (53,6Ib) beer keg is just like throwing the weight over bar. It's the... [Lire la suite]
25 juin 2015

IHGF Worlds: the pros in Bressuire, the amateurs in Norway

One week after the IHGF Pro Worlds and the French Championship in Bressuire, Cyrille BOUCHER, our French champion was in Norway last week-end for the amateur Worlds in Fefor, Norway. And the setting was absolutely awesome.Just have a look at the opening ceremony Most of the throwers in the line-up had already competed in Bressuire and are quite popular in France: Daniel DOROW from Germany, Jonathan KELLY from Northern Ireland, Stuart ANDERSON from Scotland, Martin SCHILLER from Austria And you know what? Daniel DOROW is the new... [Lire la suite]