30 janvier 2018

Burns night: An ode to the haggis in French

Bressuire-the-Scot in western France is considered one of the most Scottish towns in France. And we never forget to celebrate whisky, Celtic dances, pipe-bands or Highland Games.. And Robert Burns's "Ode to the Haggis" is never forgotten on January 25 Want to have more? -Highland Games are held every other year at the castle and they attract thousands of spectators for European or World Championships. All the high-flyers of this competition, dancers and pipers enjoy coming to Bressuire... - Scotch whisky is celebrated on Saint... [Lire la suite]
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10 août 2017

Why Kendricks and pole-vaulters must thank the Highland Games

UPDATE On August 8, Sam KENDRICKS, the pole-vaulter from the USA,  became the new World champion in London. And he certainly doesn't know the origin of his sport... And he certainly doesn't know why he should thank the Highland Games.... The origins of pole-vaulting: Before becoming an olympic event in 1896, pole-vaulting was one of the most spectacular events of the Highland Games and one of the first track and field competitions in the second half of the 19th century.Dave Webster, the historian of the Highland Games, has... [Lire la suite]
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01 juillet 2017

Bressuire Highland Games: haunted castle and crazy cabers

Just have a look at the cabers in Bressuire with this photo by Patrick Ballargeau from "Regards", the local photo-club. An amazing caber-toss by Vlad Tulacek, isn't it? And what about this one by Thierry Turc from the same club? No wonder Vlad has won the competition.... And this is just the same with Rafal KOBYLARZ shot by Thierry Trurc again... Very stange, isn't it? There are even people who suggest that the old castle in Bressuire-the-Scot is haunted. Maybe they are not wrong, especially when our photographer Jacques... [Lire la suite]
24 juin 2017

Bressuire Highland Games: When the pipers go marchin' in

As usual, the pipers came marchin' in during the IHGF European Pro Championship in Bressuire-the-Scot, France And, of course, it was a real pleasure for our photographers with such an awesome background in the old middle-aged Bressuire castle. Bressuire also had the priviledge to welcome Robert WATT, one of the stars of solo piping with quite a few titles of world champion. It was a real pleasure to listen to his solos and his "Amazing Grace" was really amazing. A pipe-band competition Robert WATT, just like drum-Major Peter... [Lire la suite]
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22 juin 2017

Bressuire-the-Scot: Celtic dancers in full swing

What are the differences between two Celtic dancers and a  European thrower at the Bressuire Highland Games? According to Mary PINET, our special contributor for this post, there are none: they are all  in full swing and these two photos by Louis Fradin and Jean-Patrick Jolly just illustrate it. "A Celtic Festival in full swing" by Mary PINET During the Highland Games weekend, Bressuire Castle was the scene of richly contrasting events. Down in the sporting area, the heavies were throwing their weights around and... [Lire la suite]
18 juin 2017

Bressuire Highland Games: nine grinning faces...

You think the nine Heavies competing for the IHGF European Pro title in Bressuire-the-Scot are making faces? You are wrong.. Their faces just reveal how strong their effort is.Just have a look at these close-ups by our photographer Jacques PAQUEREAU After Rafal KOBYLARZ, Raynor WORTEL and Hans LOLKEMA throwing the hammer, after Jamie GUNN throwing the stone and Lorne COLTHART the hammer, here come Seb WENTA, Svavar SIGURSTEINSSON, Daniel DOROW and the new IHGF European Pro Champion Vlad TULACEK

14 juin 2017

WOB at 5,59m (18'4,08")...Vlad so close to the world record

Highlight of the day: Sunday afternoon at Bressuire IHGF European Pro Championship. It's time for the last event: weight over bar.Vlad TULACEK had just broken the field record (5,11 m) and you know what? he decided to have the bar at 5,59 m, one cm higher than the world record. If you have read the blog, you know that Vlad TULACEK was the Superstar of the Bressuire Highland Games. A landslide victoryHe won six out of the eight heavy events, grabbed the title for caber-tossing and broke two field records. He din't wait long: he... [Lire la suite]
12 juin 2017

Bressuire: and the winner is.... Vlad TULACEK

We had already announced it in the blog: Vlad TULACEK , this week-end's superstar was clearly the favourite of the IHGF European Pro Championship. And he did get a lanslide victory after a fantastic competition where the spectators in the majestic Bressuire castle were delighted by the show Not only did Vlad become the European champion for caber-tossing , but also he grabbed the IHGF European Pro title. With only 13 points after the 8 events of the IHGF European Pro Championship, he is clearly ahead of Lorne COLTHART, Scotland (20... [Lire la suite]
11 juin 2017

Les Highland Games : images des Jeux

Notre photographe Louis FRADIN a eu l'oeil partout samedi pour les Jeux.Voici, voilà son premier album-photo pour le blog des Highland Games qui a reçu 796 visiteurs hier. Merci! Thanks to our photographer Louis FRADIN, here is the first photo-album of the Games on Saturday Si cela vous donne envie de venir, direction le château de Bressuire... Feel like coming? You'll be welcome
10 juin 2017

Highland Games: a new superstar in Bressuire-the-Scot

For Jean-Louis COPPET, the manager of the IHGF European Championship in Bressuire, Vlad TULACEK was a three-star favourite in the previous post: Profiles and Odds.After the first day of the competition, it proves to be true. Vlad is clearly the number one on the field. He has won three of the four events: light stone, light hammer, and caber-tossing and he finished third at the heavy weight for distance. With only 6 points, Vlad TULACEK is leading the overall competition with two tied seconds: Lorne COLTHART, winner of the heavy... [Lire la suite]
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