Everybody in France is locked down and the opportunity to go out is very limited. It's impossible, for example, to walk in parks and it's impossible to visit the Bressuire castle.

The shrine of our Highland Games is deserted and empty.

chateau hélico prestoLockdown

You can't go more than half a mile away (1 km precisely) from your home, sweet home.

But you just remember the good old times of our Highland Games in Bressuire-the-Scot. (credit: Jean-Patrick Jolly and Philippe Bidet Emeriau in 2019)


124106547Social distancing

Even our Bressuire Highland cows must respect a strict social distancing with Bressuire the castle in the background

DSCN5590 bisThat's the same for our goats!

They just watch out on their rocks outside the castle...

20200411_113209You easily understand why in Bressuire all the fans just can't wait for our next international IHGF games!

They'll take place in June next year.

04 Tartan en emporte le vent

_ND79943Let's hope words like coronavirus, lockdown and social distancing will be forgotten.

In the meantime, take care!

And see you in Bressuire in June next year. Come to France, join the crowds and enjoy our Games!

Alain CADU