For Francis BREBNER's International Highland Games Federation, strength is for both men and women as you can see on the photo

35493859_1820037034698776_3261293363638304768_nLast week-end in Fefor, Norway, there was no discrimination on the photo.

Beauties and the Beasts

While 12 men from 12 nations competed for the title of IHGF amateur World champion, there was a "Stones Strenght World Challenge" for eight women coming from all over the World.

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They had their own show of strength and they all proved they were strong enough to lift, carry or throw very heavy stones.

And they did it!

And the winner was Liefia INGALLS from the USA...

35769660_10215286278982291_7262639171817177088_nTheir names: from left to right, Liefia INGALLS, USA ;  Sandra BRADLEY, Germany ;  Lindsay ACETO, USA ;  Adriana GERMANY,  Roumania ;  Anna HARJAPAA, Sweden ;  Vanessza DAVID, Hungary ; Emmajane SMITH, Scotland ;  Kikki BERLI-JOHNSEN, Norway and, of course, Francis BREBNER the speaker.

Ladies first, of course!

But it must also be noticed that the men's competition in Fefor, Norway was particularly interesting with most of the best amateur throwers of the World.

The line-up for the IHGF amateur World Championship

35532003_10215284742823888_2768964350579310592_nJohan LONGHURST, Holland ; Stefan DUMITRICA, Roumania ; Fabien PATHENEY, France ; Svavar SIGURSTEINSSON, Iceland ; Yrjo HAMALAINEN, Finland ; Glenn NYS,Belgium ; Austin STZAJADOUCHER, Canada ; Jamie GUNN, Scotland ; Phillip FRIEDEMANN, Germany; Kyle LILLIE, USA ; Joe POCOCK , Canada ; Tibor KISS , Hungary

Want to know the results? Here there are...


Photos: Fabien PATHENEY et Maxime REGNIEZ

Text: Alain CADU, blogger-speaker of the Bressuire Highland Games