For sure, the Highland Games are becoming quite popular in France and you want to know more and more about our competitions.

That's why it is a real pleasure for the blogger to say "Merci" for your visits on the blog and to celebrate our 200.000th visitor with this cartoon by our Bressuire drawer Kayo

Kayo 200We would never have imagined that one day, we would welcome so many visitors for Highland Games.

In France, only the "happy few" knew about this Scottish tradition some twenty years ago.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "ceud mille failte"Ceud mile failte again!

One hundred thousand welcomes once more!

International clicks

I don't know where the 200.000th comes from but we are proud to see we have so many clicks from all over the world.

About one third come from abroad with roughly 15% from the US and 10% from Great Britain with many others from Germany, Holland or countries from Eastern Europe.

Thanks again!

They are all eager to know about the champions who have highlighted our IHGF competitions.

A fantastic line-up in Bressuire

Francis BREBNER, Ryan VIERRA, Dan McKIM, WOUT ZIJLSTRA, Bruce AITKEN, Gregor EDMUNDS, Matt DOHERTY, Scott RIDER, Matt VINCENT, Vlad TULACEK and many others all competed in Bressuire.

11 Les Heavies avec le juge Francis BrebnerI'm sure you can give their names if you are a Highland Games fan.

Thousands of spectators for the throwers

And our city is so proud to have hosted the 2015 IHGF Pro World Championship, the 2010 World Cup and many amateur or professionnal championships.

09 14You'll have to stay tuned because on September 30, Luzarches in the Paris suburbs will host the European lightweight (under 90 kilos) championship.

And next year, on June 15-16 2019, Bressuire will stage the amateur World lightweight championship inside the old castle.

CHATEAU BRESSUIRE (2)Both spectators and  throwers are really fond of this competition in such a "scottish" setting!

So, there are many more reasons to go on visiting the Bressuire Highland Games blog.

Alain micro I3 bisThere are many more reasons to come to France to cheer the IHGF throwers in Bressuire.


Don't worry! Be heavy!

You'll be welcome!

Ceud mile failte!


Alain CADU,

blogger and speaker of the French Highland Games.


STAY TUNED and HAVE MORE about our BRESSUIRE Highland Games very soon

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