01 Vlad S,59Highlight of the day:

Sunday afternoon at Bressuire IHGF European Pro Championship. It's time for the last event: weight over bar.

Vlad TULACEK had just broken the field record (5,11 m) and you know what? he decided to have the bar at 5,59 m, one cm higher than the world record.

If you have read the blog, you know that Vlad TULACEK was the Superstar of the Bressuire Highland Games.

A landslide victory

He won six out of the eight heavy events, grabbed the title for caber-tossing and broke two field records.

He din't wait long: he began with the open stone, the first event of the competition.

He also broke the Bressuire record during the last event: weight over bar and was hailed by thrilled spectators.

PB_HLG2017_Bressuire 78WOB:A world record at 5,58m, a bar at 5,59m

But that wasn't enough for him: after the keg, the weight over bar...

Vlad decided to try to break the unreachable record by Mike ZOLKIEWICZ: 5,58 m

And Francis BREBNER, the IHGF president and judge of this European Championship, couldn't believe it (photo Louis FRADIN).

That was, of course, one of the highlights of the Bressuire Highland Games...

IMG_0078An awesome photo by Patrick Ballargeau

Vlad decided to have the bar one centimeter higher at 5,59

And you know what?  at his first attempt, he nearly cleared the bar.

Just have a look at this exceptionnal photo by Patrick BALLARGEAU.

PB_HLG2017_Bressuire 79Vlad didn't insist as he wanted to keep fit for the next event in Bressuire: the caber-tossing European Championship..

Vlad failed by an inch but he won the caber-tossing title.

Quite a field day, isn't it?

And you must also remember that the day before, he had won a local event: keg over bar. His new record 5,45 m was far higher than Dan McKIM's previous record two years ago: 5,11 m

2017 06 HG samedi 062

Mind my words!

Vlad TULACEK will become one of the stars of the heavy events...

PB_HLG2017_Bressuire 67In Bressuire and everywhere in the world...

Alain CADU,

blogger and speaker of the Bressuire Highland Games


Photos: Patrick BALLARGEAU, Louis FRADIN and the blogger



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