Jean-Louis COPPET who is in charge of the competition has agreed to give stars to the heavies before the IHGF Pro European Championships in Bressuire

champion tulacekWho are the high-flyers?

Who are the challengers?

Here are his odds and ratings. Thanks, Jean-Louis!

3 stars for:


28 years old. 2,01m, 124kg

A young athlete who matches the best at the shot put  and weight over the bar events.

His rank was 6th at the 2016 IHGF pro world championship in Palmer, Alaska, USA.


Two stars for:


champions rafal28 years old. 1,96m, 150kg.

Another Strong Man following in the steps of fellow nationals who won world titles.

IHGF amateur World Champion in Norway , 2016



DSC_003828 years old. 1,90m, 104kg.

Seen in the Bressuire arena in the amateur line up in 2012. He was third on the podium steps at the end of the competition.

2015  IHGF amateur World Champion .

The best thrower in his country since 2009. His father was World champion in the Masters category.



Lorne 125 years old. 1,95m, 123kg.

A very promising thrower who was awarded the title of best SHGA heavy event athlete of the year 2015 in Scotland.

His name is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records for the haggis throwing  longest distance.





One star for


1,92m, 125 kg

He was impressive at the caber toss in Bressuire in 2010 and 2013 in the group of the pros.

4th time in the Bressuire HG competition. Very strong at the “keg over the bar”, of course.

A pet heavy in the Bressuire arena year after year.


2,01m, 155kg.

A former vice champion of the world in Strong Man competitions.

His truck pulling demonstration was very impressive in june 2013 in Bressuire.

In the top 10 since 2009 in pro world championships. A pet thrower in Bressuire.


24 years old. 1,78m, 107kg.

The youngest thrower in the pro European Championship 2017 in Bressuire.

He represents the 4th generation of Heavy Event athletes  in his clan. His father won the World Champion title in 1995 at the Callander Highland Games.


29 years old. 1,83m, 115kg.

He comes from a country where tall guys are also strong. The first representative to come to the Bressuire Games was Wout Ziljstra for the 2003 pro European Championships, a competition Wout won.

2nd at the 2016 IHGF amateur World Championships in Norway.


36 years old. 1,83m, 110kg

In this thrower’s country heavy events and Stones of Strength are very popular on TV; Jon Pall and Magnus Ver have been some of the most famous athletes there and abroad.

His profile is not unlike that of Audunn Johnsson who was a competitor from the same country at the IHGF European pro championships, Bressuire 2009.


IHGF caber-tossing Pro European Championship

Jean- Louis COPPET's odds:

3 stars for

*** Sebastian WENTA

*** Hans LOLKEMA

10 1  05 Seb

2 stars for:


Now, we just have to wait and see if Jean-Louis's odds are accurate or not.

We'll have the answers Sunday evening and, of course, we'll let you know about all the standings, the atmosphere, the crowd, the pipe-band competition, the basque strength and so on and so on

So, stay tuned!

I'll keep in touch....