Girardeau JoanThey are  eleven or so and they study in College Supervielle.

They are in sixième (the first form in the British school system, the sixth grade in the US) and they have been working on the Bressuire Highland Games with their school since October 2016.

An interview in English

They have just interviewed Lorne COLTHART from Scotland, one of the ten competitors for the next IHGF European Championship in Bressuire on June 10 and 11.

Lorne 1What are the colours and the patterns of your tartan? Do you like your tartan?

I wear two tartans: my highland games kilt is the Stewart of Appin tartan. It has blues and greens. I am wearing that tartan in the picture on the right.

My formal kilt, or ‘dress’ kilt, that I wore at my wedding and other special occasions is the MacGregor tartan which is a dark red, with white and dark green lines. I am wearing that tartan in picture 2. I like them both.

When is your birthday?

I was born on the second of August 1990.

What's your favourite animal ?

I like all animals, but if I had to choose it would be between a dog and the Red Stag.

What film do you prefer?

My favourite film is Braveheart.

What is the minimum weight to participate in the Highland Games ?

It’s not all about how heavy you are, it is a case of balancing strength, speed and power combined with technique to throw well.

Being too heavy can make you too slow, but being to light might mean you lack the strength required to throw at greater distances and heights.

What's your record in the hammer throw ?

My best throw in the light hammer is 142ft.

Lorne 2Are you professional (Do you have another job?)

Yes. I work for an electricity company called Scottish and Southern Energy. I work as a mechanical fitter on hydro-powered turbines in the generation sector.

Do your brothers play in the Highland Games too?

Two of my brothers compete in the Highland Games. My brother David competes against me and my youngest brother Harry competes at a junior level as he is only just turned 15.


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Congrats to the pupils and teachers in Supervielle and more particularly Manu GUERIN, their English teacher


A big pat on the back to Joan and Lenny for their drawings!



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