pub jeux bressuire scott riderFrancis BREBNER, the IHGF chairman, has just used his Facebook page to quote an IronMind's article by Randall J. Strossen about the next IHGF European Championships in Bressuire, France.

The French city is to host the Games on June 10 and 11

And he also used this opportunity to praise our town, the AJEF organisers and the castle on his Facebook page.

His article is illustrated by a bill featuring one of Bressuire's favourite sons, Scott Rider.
Unfortunately, there will be no Scott in the 2017 line-up (see below)
Here's his post:
Bressuire Castle Hosting IHGF European Championships
by Randall J. Strossen, IronMind Enterprises, Inc. © 2017
Bressuire, France continues to build its history of hosting premiere Highland Games events and this year will bring the IHGF European Highland Games Championships to the Bressuire Castle.

The European Highland Games Championships takes center stage in Bressuire, France this summer, the IHGF announced.

2017 IHGF European Highland Games Championships
by Francis Brebner
President, International Highland Games Federation

They will be held within the majestic grounds of the 1000 year old Bressuire castle (photo by Jean-Patrick JOLLY) which sets the stage and backdrop for the 2017 IHGF European Highland Games Championships 10th-11th June.

château aérienA total of ten athletes from six nations across Europe have been invited.

No stone unturned

Bressuire celebrates it 21st anniversary of Highland Games and this year as normal is leaving no stone unturned in producing a traditional Highland Games atmosphere, which includes all the customary elements from the heavy events, Highland dancing, folk music, pipe and much more.

Bressuire highland jb bisTwo days of action-packed festivities

These games have grown in the last two decades to be one of the premier games on the international circuit and they draw thousands of spectators from all over France and surrounding countries to its two days of action-packed Highland games festivities at Bressuire Castle.

As well as the European Championships there will also be the French Amateur Highland games Championships, which will have several classes competing in all.

IMG_5840 bis Bouma DorowThe lineup of athletes up for this year’s IHGF Pro European Championships includes:

Hans LOLKEMA, Netherlands

Pieter-Karst BOUMA, Netherlands

Lorne COLTHART, Scotland

Vladislav TULACEK, Czech republic

Sebastian WENTA, Poland

Daniel DOROW, Germany

Rafal KOBYLARZ, Poland

Jamie GUNN, Scotland

Raynor WORTEL, Netherlands


Photo : Pieter-Karst BOUMA and Daniel DOROW on the box in Bressuire


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