cead 2In the Celtic World, they say: "Cead Mile Failte"

It just means one hundred thousand welcomes.

Cead Mile Failte!

What else can the blogger say when your www.highlandgames.canalblog.com welcomes its 100.000th visitor?

It's just unexpected for a sport very few people in France knew about, fifteen years ago..

So, thanks everybody: the Heavies, of course, the organisers, the Frenchies, the volunteers, the spectators

004 MBThanks Francis, Jono and Sinclair for your friendly message!

Special thanks to the blog's photographers and contributors (Mary Pinet, Christian Desbois and many others)

Cead Mile Failte!

2015 highland 3 039It has been a priviledge for the blogger-speaker to be the spokesman of this fantastic sport

Long live the Highland Games!

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  • a record 1300 visitors on Sunday June,14


Francis 1Francis BREBNER, president of the IHGF

" It is with great delight to hear and to share with you all that the Bressuire Highland games Blog is nearing its 100,000 visitor to their site.

 When you think back that its nearly a decade and a half since traditional Highland games was first introduced to France and to watch how they have grown is incredible.

 Bressuire games itself are considered by many to be one of the best games on the International circuit to date,  Jean Louis Coppet and his great games committee have made this possible with all their hard work in putting Highland games not only in Bressuire but in France on the International Highland games map.

 I salute you all for all you have done and are still doing in the sport with encouraging new blood into the sport and in keep the traditions and customs of Highland games flourishing."  

jono1Jono Mac Farlane, the champion from New Zealand

"Congratulations on 100,000 visitors to the blog.

I think often of the fact that perhaps the greatest, most hospitable, and most beautiful Highland Games in the world is found in Bressuire, France.

 Who would have thought? Not Scotland, not America, not Canada, not even New Zealand, which is the most beautiful country on earth; but France.

When I arrived, tired after 35 hours of travel, I said, "Never again." When I left and again faced the 35 hours I said to myself, "I must come back again!"

You all have created a wonderful thing in your corner of the world, may it continue for many years to come.

sinclair 1Sinclair PATIENCE, the champion from Scotland

 Well done on promoting the sport of Highland Games. 

The venue, hospitality, volunteers and crowd support at Bressuire make one of the very best in the world. 

 Keep up the good work!



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Cead Mile Failte in French (more links, more photos)

Thanks Francis, Jono, and Sinclair!

Your commentaries have really been appreciated.

All the best!

Alain CADU, blogger-speaker

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