Hey Seb, you have lost one of your records!

I’m sure you remember the blog celebrated your right arm in one of its posts a few weeks ago ?

It was entitled: Who's the biggest arm in this exceptionnal line-up?

0250 cms : That was great, that was exceptionnal !

But sorry to disappoint you : The blogger has found another athlete with a bigger arm than yours !

Yours  is 50 cms (photo)… but  now you are 2 cms short.

The new record-holder  isn’t a thrower but he is a world champion in another sport : judo.

05His name is Teddy RINER and, according to the French sports newspaper « L’Equipe », his arms’ size is 52 cms.

So, Seb, you know what you have to do : you must lift more weights, throw more stones and toss more cabers if you still want to remain number one ?

A new record in Bressuire 2017?

I think you will have to work harder and next time you come back to Bressuire, I’ll be pleased to announce 52,5 cms after measuring your arm in front of the sponsors and the other throwers, as we did before the Worlds in Bressuire

DSC_0069 [HDTV (1080)]Come on, Seb !

04Even if your arm is smaller, you are still heavier: your official weight is 155 kilos, much more than Teddy Riner's 141 kilos.

And that's an important victory.

But the competition still goes on for the biggest arm and your supporters are still confident: you can break Teddy's record.

Just do it !

Yes you can !


Alain CADU