In France, we like competitions. All kinds of competitions..

So, during the presentation of the throwers to the sponsors the day before the IHGF Worlds in Bressuire, they all laughed when the speaker-blogger decided to check who had the biggest arm...

DSC_0069 [HDTV (1080)]Of course, there wouldn't be another opportunity  like that in Bressuire, France with such a line-up between 104 and 155 kilos.

Just have a look!

champions bicepsAnd the speaker-blogger started his job with the first candidate: Seb WENTA from Poland.

Sebastian WENTA, 19.68 inches

And the result was impressive. Very impressive.

Seb Wenta's right arm reaches 50 cms (19.68 inches)

That's quite the size of my leg.

DSC_0088 [HDTV (1080)]All the other competitors were so impressed by this figure that they didn't want to challenge Seb.

The only one who accepted the challenge was the IHGF president himself

Francis BREBNER, 18.89 inches

But in spite of his impressive right arm, the result of the control was disappointing for him: 48 cms (18.89 inches)

Very good but not big enough...

No doubt he would have been the winner in a "Masters" competition.

But, in front of such a Strongman, it wasn't enough to get the "Mr Big Arm" title in Bressuire

IMG_2852 (963x1280)

The show must go on

But, on stage, the show went on to celebrate the winner.

Just see Patrick BALLARGEAU's and Louis FRADIN's photos.

Jono McFARLANE and Matt VINCENT did their best to entertain the sponsors.

But we still don't know how big their arms are...

Alain CADU

IMG_2838 (1199x1280)    








DSC_0100 [HDTV (1080)]