1506-140485_HG2015Our photographer Thierry TURC is a specialist of Superposition.

That's why Xavier TATIBOUET's caber-throw during the French Masters Championship at the Bressuire castle looks particularly strange and impressive.

But Thierry is also a specialist of flip-booking.

Just click on this photo to enjoy Scott RIDER's caber-toss under the rain at the end of the IHGF Worlds in Bressuire

1506-143278_HG2015-(1)It's not a video. It's just a flip-book with two photos per second..

Quite an original tribute to the 2015 caber-toss world champion, isn't it?.

Thanks, Thierry TURC.!


another superposition by Patrick BALLARGEAU celebrating Lucasz WENTA's successful caber-toss on Saturday

lancer tronc(2)But even if there are strange cabers flying in Bressuire-the-Scot, the castle isn't haunted..

Alain CADU