In spite of this fantastic document by Patrick BALLARGEAU, Lucasz WENTA didn't win the caber-tossing world title in Bressuire.

lancer tronc(2)The 2015 World champion far caber-tossing is Scott RIDER, just like Dan Mc KIM is the 2015 overall IHGF World Champion.

His achievement on Saturday's fourth event was exceptionnal. ( Photos: Marie-Claire GIRAUD)


Scott tossed the 73-kilo (161,4 Ib), 6m15m (20'2,1") caber three times for an excellent 12.15 with such a caber.

Lukasz WENTA tossed it once with a 9.30 (photo at the top of the page).

And none of the other competitors managed to do it.

Bressuire-the-Scot, Bressuire-the-Scott

Just watch this video by Patrick GRANDIDIER for the Highland Games blog

Scott RIDER in Bressuire

As it was impossible to organize the caber-toss world championship on Sunday because of the pouring rain (see 'Throwing in the rain"), everybody agreed to award the title to Scott RIDER.

His exceptionnal performance on Saturday was really worth it!.

Twice a World champion in Bressuire:

14His caber-toss world title in Bressuire is not the first one for Scott RIDER.

Just remember!

In 2010, he had become the new stone-throwing world champion

No wonder he is one of Bressuire favorite sons!

Congrats, Scott!


Scott in the Highland Games blog: Scott RIDER

Caber-tossing in the blog: CABER

More superb photos about the caber (Louis FRADIN)

Craig SINCLAIR: The caber flew but it didn't toss

IMG_3231 (1280x1029)Robert FAZEKAS: The caber flew and it didn't toss

IMG_3227 (1280x1080)Scott RIDER: The caber flew and it tossed

IMG_3263 (885x1280)

And Scott tossed it three times in front of an audience of about 8.000 spectators on Saturday

Sunday was quite a different story: just read : Throwing in the rain

Of course, stay tuned

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A link for another video of the world-record by M.C. GIRAUD