2015 highland 3 143

The spectators had to wait until the last event, the weight over bar, to know the name of the 2015 IHGF World Champion.

Dan Mac KIM threw it over a 5.10m bar, a new Bressuire record, but Matt VINCENT failed three times.

So, after two titles in 2011 and 2013, Dan is an IHGF World champion again.

Throwing in the rain

The conditions had been fantastic on Saturday under the sun.

But it rained all the time on Sunday afternoon and it was really difficult to throw inside the fantastic Bressuire castle.

The results:

1- Dan McKIM, 22 points

2- Matt VINCENT, 23 points

3- Matt DOHERTY, 31 points

4- Lucasz WENTA, 37 points

5- Sébastian WENTA, 40 points

6- Scott RIDER: 41,5 points


and the winner is Scott RIDER

Because of the weather condition, it was impossible to toss the caber on Sunday.

So, the judges and the athletes agreed to give the title to Scott RIDER, Saturday's caber-toss winner 


He had been particularly brilliant and he had tossed the caber three times.Il faut dire que lors des épreuves du samedi, il l'a retourné trois fois

Bressuire events

SEb WENTA won the cork-throw and Dan McKIM won the keg over bar.

They both broke the Bressuire record

Of course, we'll have more about it later in the week.

2015 highland 3 146 bisFair-play

After the last event, Matt (on the left) was the first one to congratulate Dan McKIM for his overall victory.

He certainly hopes that after 2012 and 2014, 2016 will be his year again

Congratulations to all the throwers!

It was a real pleasure to watch these world championships in Bressuire!

And it was a real priviledge to be the speaker.

Thanks, guys!