04His first name is quite a paradox.

RIDER is Scott but he is also English.

And, according to his passion for the Highland Games, we can imagine he comes from Scot(t)land!

But Scott RIDER, the English champion with a Scottish Christian name, feels French when he is in Bressuire (photo in 2010 with Craig SINCLAIR from Scotland)

Certainly because he is one of Bressuire's favorite sons.

A thrower and a coach

As a thrower and as a coach for the French Bockers, he has already had  several opportunities to come to our city.

That's why you can find so many posts about Scott RIDER both in French and English on the blog.

But Scott RIDER is also one of the favorites for the IHGF Worlds with the two American world champions Matt VINCENT and Dan McKIM.

Scott coupe"A chance of lifting the title"

And I agree with the IHGF president Francis BREBNER when he says in his interview with the blogger:

Alain: Who are your favorites for the Top 3 ?

FrancisMy top three would have to be Dan McKIM, Matt VINCENT and Scott RIDER. 

Alain: You mean, Francis, two Americans and Scott RIDER. Just like for the Bressuire Games in 2010 with Sean BETZ, Larry BROCK and Scott RIDER on the podium

Francis: Definitely

Alain: So, in spite of the two American World Champions, you consider the Europeans have a real chance ?

DSC_0265FrancisThe European athletes will hold their own in certain events and give everyone a run for their money, that is for certain.

"In the top 2 or 3 overall"

Scott RIDER, in my opinion, if he comes into the competition on top of his games and makes no mistakes, could have a chance of lifting the title.

There is no doubt, as we all know, it's how you are on the day and if you have peaked just right so anything can happen in a World Highland games Championships, but I would at least see Scott be in the top two or three overall.. 

Scott Rider

37 years old

6'2'' (1m87)

116 kilos
Job: Teacher of physical education


Previous sports:

Bobsleigh: 2002 Winter Olympics


Shot put: 3x Commonwealth Games and 2014 British Champion

08His personnal Bests

  • Open              61' 5''
  • Braemar          42'
  • WFH              16' 1''
  • LWFD             91'8''
  • HWFD            43'10''
  • 16lb Hammer  139'5''
  • 22lb Hammer  112'

Ambition for Worlds:

According to the mail sent to Francis Brebner to answer the blogger's questions, Scott shows he is ambitious. His answer is clear: he just wants to win.

In 2010, he became the World Champion in Bressuire for stone-throw (photo). Five years later, his ambition will be to become a World champion overall.

Scott pierreHis opinion about Bressuire:

"When the sun is shining and the crowd fills the slope, there's no better games in the world."

09 16

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