Just have a look at this photo!

These happy people are some of the 200 volunteers and more who are ready for the IHGF Worlds in Bressuire on June 13, 14.

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Don't worry, be heavy

They want this competition to be very successful because this is a historical first for the city and for France.

And they are ready for their D-Day where the motto could be something like :"Don't worry, be heavy"

Jean-Louis COPPET, the organiser, and his staff gave them the latest information about this event at the wonderful Bressuire château.

Bressuire, a favourite spot

And for most athletes and for Francis BREBNER, the IHGF president, this place has become one of their favourite spots.

And, definitely, Bressuire will stage one of the best competitions ever (see Francis Brebner's interview)

chateau aérien

For such an important competition, everything must be perfect, whether it is the organisation, the security, the different shows (Soldat Louis and Celkilt), the dancers, the five pîpe-bands, the meals etc...

tshirtThe blue Army in Bressuire the Scot

After the meeting, all the volunteers accepted to stand in front of the townhall for the traditional photo by Louis FRADIN.

Just in case you have the priviledge to come to Bressuire, France on June 13, 14 don't worry in you see a host of people wearing this T shirt...

They will just be ready to help you because they belong to the blue army of the Bressuire volunteers..

So Scottish, isn't it?

Alain CADU


Ryan Vierra on Facebook about the volunteers:

"Great people! This will be the best World Highland Games Championships in history!"