pieter karst Bouma"I  am a dairy farmer in the North of the Netherlands, Friesland. I live near the Dutch legend Wout ZILJSTRA who introduced me into the games!

Before I started with highlandgames, I played some soccer, did ice-skating and started strongman a few years before I started Highlandgames.

This mail, of course, comes from Pieter-Karst BOUMA who will be one of the twelve throwers competing in the IHGF Worlds in Bressuire

Boom Boom BOUMA's biography:
BOUMA Pieter Karst
Age: 32
Height: 1.96
Weight: 116 kg
"My hobby is training for the games to become stronger every year and to throw further".
And you know what?

It has worked quite well so far. Just have a look at Pieter Karst's victories and at his personnal bests!
Essential victories or titles:


2010-2014: Dutch champion for the last 5 years
2011: European amateur champion in Hungary
2013: 2rd World amateur champion in Germany
2014: World amateur champion in Norway
Personnal bests: (thrown in the Netherlands)
Braemar:                          38' 32"            11,68m
Open stone                       48' 28"            15,02m
56 Weight for distance      42' 65"            13,00m
28 Weight for distance      84' 61"            25,79m
22 hammer                       103'41"             31,52m
16 hammer                       129' 88"            39,59m
Weight for height              16'' 73"             5,10m
Ambitions for the Worlds : In the Top 6
"My ambitions for the Worlds are to not to finish last.....  No, I hope that I can be in the top 6. So somewere in the middle!"
A few words about Bressuire
"It will be my third time in Bressuire and I really enjoy the accomodation and the atmosphere in the old castle.
It is also very nice to meet the organisation again.
After 3 years you get quite a relationship with each other!"

chateau aérien

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THE LINE-UP for the Worlds

Want to see what the 12 throwers in competition for the IHGF Highland Games Worlds in Bressuire look like?

Just have a look at this homemade slideshow... and discover the twelve champions in alphabetical order:

Pieter Karst BOUMA from Holland, Matt DOHERTY from Canada, Robert FAZEKAS from Hungary, Jona Mac FARLANE from New Zealand, Dan Mac KIM from the USA, Sinclair PATIENCE from Scotland, Scott RIDER from England, Craig SINCLAIR from Scotland, Jimmy VAN DE WALLE from Belgium, Matt VINCENT from the USA, Lucasz WENTA and his brother Sebastian WENTA from Poland.

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Francis Brebner 5 avril 16:55
Peter will be a great addition to the International pro ranks.