101No wonder Lukasz WENTA from Poland, just like his brother Seb WENTA, is a big fish in the world of professionnal Highland Games.

And 27 years after the film "a fish called Wanda" was released, the IHGF is ready to announce an exceptionnal show in Bressuire featuring two brothers:

"Two fish called Wenta"

The readers of the blog already know Sebastian. It's time now  for them to discover Lucasz.

Caber and fishing-rod

In the short message he sent to the blogger, he announces that fishing is one of his hobbies.

But we can see on the photo he can really make a difference between a fishing rod and a caber.

What else is essential for Lucasz?

Sport, of course.

Lucasz, like most throwers in these Worlds, comes from Track and Field where his favorite events were shot-putting and discus-throwing

Lukasz WENTA

  • age 36
  • Poland
  • 125 kilos
  • 1m98

Essential victories or titles:

  • 1st place in the caber-tossing world championships Inveraray in 2012
  • 3rd world championships in 56lb Over the bar California
  • 2nd place in the world team championship in California,
  • 7th place in the junior shot putt world championships in in Annecy, 1998,
  • 6th in the European Championships in the shot putt in Amsterdam in 2001.
  • 2nd place in the Highlander European championships in Scotland in 2014.


Personnal bests:

  • Open stone:19m20                        63'
  • 56 Weight for distance:12m09         39' 8
  • 28 Weight for distance:25m91         85'
  • 22 hammer:34m56                      113' 5
  • 16 hammer:41m30                      135' 6
  • weight for height:5m18                  17'
  • Braemar:14m17                            46'6

Ambitions: in the top 3

"My ambitions for the  world championships is to be in the first 3 on the podium".

This is what Lucasz wants and it seems quite realistic if we analyse his personnal bests.

WENTA LucaszFor the big fish from Poland, don't expect him to say on June 13, 14 he has no other fish to fry.

And we can be sure that "Two fish called Wenta on the podium" would be a fantastic blockbuster in Poland.

With the two Wentas in Pole position, of course!

But we can imagine the other big fish in Bressuire want to see a different kind of film.

Book your tickets for the big show on June 13, 14!

It will be a cliffhanger...


Alain CADU


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