All the people interested in the Highland Games have heard of Francis BREBNER, the multiple caber-toss world champion and the international Highland Games Federation president.

He perfectly knows Bressuire and the twelve champions who will compete for the 2015 IHGF World champion title.

He is the man who selected the Top 12 of these professionnal throwers. So his answers are particularly expected by most fans.


Question: Francis, did you select the 12 competitors according to the size of their muscles and just because, like you, they have a good pair of arms ?

Francis BREBNER: The athletes were selected from winning their national Championships or being the best overall ranked for their country, ensuring that the best athletes period is being represented in the IHGF World Championships.

Question: Do you think all the Bressuire records will be broken ?

Francis: Yes, Alain, ground records will tumble in Bressuire

Question: If I give you the Bressuire records for all the events, can you tell the fans how far the champions could throw and predict the new Bressuire ground records?

Francis: OK. Let's try. You give me the record and I give you my prediction

16Ibs Open Stone       57'5   Scott RIDER, England         2010       prediction  58" plus 

21Ibs Braemar stone   44'2    Seb WENTA, Poland           2013       prediction  45" plus 

28 WFD                    85'10   Larry BROCK, USA             2010       prediction  87" plus 

56 WFD                    46'9    Larry BROCK, USA              2010       prediction  47' plus      

16 Hammer              138'6   Larry BROCK, USA               2010       prediction  145" plus 

22 Hammer              117'     Bruce AITKEN, Scotland       2007       prediction  125" plus 

56 Wob                    16'6     Sean BETZ, USA                2010       prediction   17' plus 

marque mondeQuestion: What about a world record ? Which one is in danger and who could beat it ? Hammer again by Dan Mc KIM?

Francis: I think we could possibly even see a World record being broken with the high standard of throwing that is increasing from year to year.

If any World record in my opinion is going to be broken I think it will be done by Dan Mc KIM. He has been on fire the whole of last season, breaking the World records numerous times.

Question: Why did you choose France for the 2015 IHGF Worlds ?

Francis: Back in 2009 Jean Louis COPPET talked about hosting the World Professional Championships. The IHGF could not have been more delighted, since the IHGF was founded in 2001. 

The very first sanctioned event with the European Highland Championships under the IHGF took place in 2003.

For me personally, Ihave a strong relationship with Bressuire Games and the people that I have come to know so well.

cornemuse panneau bres

Question: Do you expect a « French touch » for this competition ?

Francis: Each country has its own touch but Bressuire has very unique touch. The set-up of the games is always first class and the hospitality for the athletes is best I have encountered from the moment.

We arrive with the many families we stay with we have all come to grow a bond with not only the Highland games and the town but with the people also that are so generous.

COMING SOON: The interview(Part 2)

Francis BREBNER: "and the winner in Bressuire will be...."