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bocky interviewBockie, the Highland Games mascot, is a star in Bressuire where he has just been interviewed by the blogger.

For the first IHGF Worlds in France, the French Highland Games committee and its chairman Jean-Louis COPPET have chosen a caber-tossing Bockie to promote the World Championships.

The bill designed by Philippe GAUFFRETEAU focuses on this event with a caber from Scotland falling straight into the Bressuire Château.

After the bill, the sculpture...

But the French symbol is now more than a picture for stickers, leaflets and posters.

It has turned into a mascot designed by Jocelyn HUMEAU, a local artist.

And the sculpture created by our French Geppetto has just been presented to the press and to the local authorities.

Just like the character on the bill, Bockie is also holding a caber to symbolise the Worlds in Bressuire.

And, of course, Bockie is wearing a kilt to remind of the Scottish origins of the Highland Games

IMG_0875 (853x1280)The Bockie Tour

The mascot of the Games is bound to travel all around Bressuire in most of the villages that belong to the associated municipality.

And it will spend a few days in each townhall not far from the French photo of François Hollande, our president.

buste-de-marianne-celebre-modele-mauger-ref-0701-114-1441016But this will also give him the opportunity to admire his next-door neighbour in all the French townhalls, Marianne.

Just in case you don't know what she represents, she is the sexy symbol of our French nation.


Bockie in Chambroutet

The first stage of the Bockie Tour is the small village of Chambroutet, a typical name that could be translated by "grazed field"

Our reporters have just informed the blog that the mascotte enjoys his stay at the townhall where he was greeted by the mayor.

Unfortunately, there was no piper to play "Amazing Graze" when he arrived.

Bockie Tour: No stop in Largeasse

The local population will be invited to discover him and the Bressuire throwers will relocate their weekly training in all the villages of the Bockie Tour.

And number one on the list is, of course, our French Grazed Field, Chambroutet. Then the Bockie Tour will keep rolling everywhere in the French Bocage.

bockie tour

Everywhere? Not really...

It will not stop in the nearby town of Largeasse because the French mascot finds this name insulting for a Heavy.

Fifty shades on screen

And, by the way, do you know which film is on at the moment?

"Fifty shades of graze".

What a coincidence!

We can easily understand  why there is such a smile on Bockie's face..

IMG_0898 (813x1280)Of course the blog will let you know when this promotion tour turns into "Fifty shades of craze"


Alain CADU



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