1555483_10152511235407781_5014863936108642364_nNo Highland Games without Scots! This will be twice true in Bressuire.

Sinclair PATIENCE will be one of their two representatives at the Castle.

And he will be ready for the year's most important event: the IHGFworld championship in Bressuire.

Sinclair perfectly knows that Patience and time run through the longest day.

Like Scott RIDER, he comes from Track and Field.

When he was younger, he became a Scottish Champion in Discus and Shot Put. But he also used his weight and his strength to be a prop in semi-pro rugby competitions.

After shot putting and rugby, it became quite natural for him to try hammer-throw, W.O.B. or caber-toss.

His résumé

  • Age - 27
  • Height - 6ft 1"
  • Weight - 275lb
  • Hometown - Inverness (Highlands of Scotland)
  • Job - Coach Development Manager for Scottish Rugby
  • Previous sports - Age grade Scottish Champion in Shot Put and Discus
  • Semi-pro rugby player with Premier 1 Scottish side Edinburgh Academicals (played prop forward)
Highland Games  Accomplishments
2009 - World Amateur Highland Games Champion - Minnesotta USA
2010 - Junior Scottish Glenfiddich Champion
2011 - First Pro Highland Games season
2012 - Represented Team Scotland at World Team Championships (Pleasanton)
2013 - First Equal with Craig Sinclair in Scottish Native Championship / Represented Scotland at World Team Championships (Antigonish)
2014 - Represented Scotland at the Webster World Championships

1781203_10152708527919180_1714124169275382760_oHis Personal Bests

  • Stone - 54ft 4
  • Braemar - 41ft
  • Light weight - 84ft
  • Heavy weight - 43ft
  • Light hammer - 134ft
  • Heavy Hammer - 112ft
  • Weight for height - 15ft 
Like father, like son

Sinclair PATIENCE had one more reason to become a Heavy: his Dad is well-known in the Highland Games World.

And in Callender, Scotland, he became the 1994 World Champion.

539808_216380835136220_1863579571_nQuite a reference, isn't it?

So, the son learnt very quickly: in 2009, at 21, he became the World Amateur Highland Games Champion before turning Pro two years later.

Castle in the air

What will he do in the Bressuire Worlds among the crème de la crème of Professionnal throwers?

So far, he hasn't built any castle in the air.

But, definitely, if we look at his personnal bests, he might be a strong challenger.

Will it be "like father, like son" with a new world title in the family 21 years later.

We just have to wait and see what will happen at the Bressuire Château.

chateau aérien

But he must be sure that, unlike Scottish casles, the Bressuire château where the Games are to take place is not haunted.

Alain CADU

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