Thanks to David GARMAN, we can have more about the history of multi-caber toss after the fantastic "66 cabers" of Inverness.

"I have something here that shows the birth of the multi-caber toss. This is Myrtle Creek, Oregon circa 1998.

Six cabers in Myrtle Creek

This photo was sent to me by Eric Wechter, long time thrower and highland games archivist. From left to right, Looks like Bill "Wild Bill" Butler (HOF), Bryant Harris in the green kilt, third guy is unknown at this time, Mike Douglas with the yellow and red caber, Big Rick Baird, and the final person could possibly be Mathew Cripps. Please take a look and see if we can get this photo the proper photo credits it deserves.

10541962_10152866381557704_6619884226862581875_nFrom Costa Mesa 21 to Fergus 52

This was my inspiration for the 21 caber salute on Memorial Day at Costa Mesa May 2010, 30 cabers again at Costa Mesa 2011, 32 Cabers on Fremont Street, Las Vegas 2012, back to Costa Mesa in May 2013 for 36.

Then the Canadians of Fergus Highland Games got involved in Sept 2013 and pushed the record to 49 cabers. Now things just got serious, Fergus, Canada pulled 52 in August 2014!!!!

The magical 66

Not to be out done by Inverness, Scotland and the Masters World Championships to reach the magical number of 66 cabers being tossed simultaneously and a rightful place in the Guinness World Book of Records!

Thank you to everyone who has made this journey possible and Thank you to Rick Baird who came up with the idea in the first place.

I will take credit for the original idea of a 21 caber salute to the Veterans on Memorial Day. Now you are much more informed about highland games than you were prior to reading this"

Thanks for the lesson, David Garman

The French Highland Games blog is very proud to post your account and we are all looking forward to a new caber-toss record in the Guiness book.

Wherever it may be!

And don't forget the IHGF World Championship in Bressuire on June 13, 14 2015

Affiche corrigée

David Garman ( on Facebook) Excellent!!! Here is an update on the "Unknown Thrower". It turns out to be Frank Lux.