900Most of the key-words for this Highland Games blogs are about this question: what's under a kilt?

And more particularly, what's under a thrower's kilts?

Thanks to David Commenchal, a photographer in France, the blog can give more evidence.

David took his photos in Thiron-Gardais during the first "Open Highland Games France".

And, in fact, you can notice there is a lot to see: another Heavy, a speaker and a host of spectators.

Quite a crowd!


But I see it's not what you expected!

I feel you are a bit disappointed and you want to have more to know the answer to this existential question:"To be or not to be..."

To be or not to be naked under the kilts!

That's the essential point for both throwers ans spectators.

Not only in Bressuire, but everywhere in the world.

With or without a stone, a caber, a weight or a hammer...

So just have a look at the throwers during the previous Highland Games in Bressuire.

Maybe it will help you change your mind after this home-made slideshow.

Here comes more evidence about life under the kilts with this funny video

You just need a ladder.

But if you want to see more, just come to Bressuire on June 13 and 14, 2015 for the World Championship.

Maybe you could have the answer to your question.

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