HIGHLAND GAMES FRANCE AFFICHEOne year before the world Championship in Bressuire (June 13,14 2015), the bill for the competition has just been released.

And everybody admits it is quite convincing!

A new style for a new bill

The French Highland Games President,  Jean-Louis COPPET and the town counsellor in charge of sports, Emmanuelle MENARD were proud to show it to the local press, the guests and the members of the local committee .

Just have a look!

We have all the ingredients for a tasteful menu : the caber and the weight, of course, but also the bagpipe  and the address of the restaurant : Château de Bressuire.

This modern design comes from Philippe Gaufreteau, a local artist.

It’s quite different from the previous bills with Heavies in action.

Everybody  remembers the billboards featuring champions like Wout Ziljstra, Ryan Vierra, Larry Brock or Hans Lolkema.

The bills of the past: Don't worry. Be Heavy



Ready, steady, show!

The presentation of the 2015 bill was quite a pleasant surprise for the "happy few" who had been invited.

IMG_0438 (903x1280) And they all clapped in their hands when Jean-Louis COPPET for Highland Games France and Emmanuelle MENARD for the Town-council unrolled the long expected poster.

IMG_0423 (638x1280)There were cheers in the audience and, of course, the event was celebrated in music by one of our local pipers, Jack Dransard.

The final countdown

One more year before the new Chieftain declares the World Championship open in Bressuire!

One more yeau before the twelve Heavies from all over the world make the show!

366. 365. 364... The countdown has just started.

We just can't wait for the Games.

The 12 best Heavies of the World

Here in Bressuire, France we are all looking forward to seeing the 12 best throwers of the Worlds on June 13 and June 14, 2015.

That'll be their day!

chateau aérienHere in Bressuire, France we are all looking forward to seeing the Highland Games fans in the old castle on June 13 and June 14.

That'll be the days!


Alain CADU, blogger and speaker of the Games

Photos: Louis FRADIN and Ajef


SUIVANT / NEXT (en français):

The bill in French: "Affiche joyeuse et poster rieur"