It is now customary for French people to celebrate Paddy’s Day. Strange when you come to think about it, but after all, any excuse is a good excuse for a party! Bressuire is no exception and at least has the excuse of being twinned with Leixlip, near Dublin.

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And so it was that, albeit a few days before the Day itself, the village hall of Terves was bedecked with giant shamrocks and Irish flags, thus becoming the venue for a most enjoyable evening.

A great atmosph'Eire

A Franco-Irish quiz concocted by Maureen Hugo soon had the guests vying with one another to air their general knowledge.

This intellectual effort was rewarded with a delicious meal: Irish Stew followed by apple crumble.

Any unwanted kilos thus acquired were worked off with some energetic dancing under the guidance of Gavin Anderson whose wide repertoire of Irish ballads were much appreciated after such exertions.
So hats off to Gavin and to all the organizers for creating such a great atmosph’EIRE!

1 (22) bisPaddy's day's quiz in 20 questions asked by Mary Pinet

1)    Which French president had an Irish grandmother ?

2)    Which famous French cheese of eastern France was invented by Irish monks?

3)    Give the name of the Irish cyclist who won the Tour de France.

4)    Give the name of the Irishman who invented and marketed a highly popular fine French drink which carries his name.

5)    What are the colours of the Irish flag? What do the colours represent?

6)    Can you name at least 2 Irish writers who lived in France?

7)    Where did St Patrick come from?

8)    What currency is used in Ireland?

9)    Which two ports did the Titanic visit after leaving Southampton?

10)   Do France and Ireland have the same time in winter and in summer?

11)   Which drink is the emblem of Ireland?

12)   Which parent company owns this drink?

13)   In France the evening meal is called “le diner”. What is it called in Ireland?

14)   Can you name two American presidents with Irish ancestors?

15)   Which French president was of Irish stock?

16)   What is the connection between Ireland and Dracula?

17)   In which year did the Normans invade Ireland?

18)   How many Irish people live in France?

19)   What is the population of Ireland?

20)   What is the population of France?
And now, the answers:

1       De Gaulle

2       Le munster.  

3       Stephan Roche

4       Hennessy Cognac.

5       Green White and Gold or Orange. Green for the catholics,Gold or Orange for the protestants and white for peace   between the 2 communities

6       Beckett, O Wilde, J Joyce, Singe, and Yeats

7       According to the legend, from France where he was a slave.

8       The Euro

9       Cherbourg and Cork

10      Ireland is one hour behind.

11      Guinness

12       Diageo

13       Tea

14       Kennedy, Reagan and Obama.  Obama’s great grandfather on his mother’s side was Thurlough Kearney.

15       Mac Mahon 1st président of the third republic

16       Bram Stroker, Irish writer.

17       1069

18       13,000

19       4.5 million

     20       65 million