chateau aérienEverybody Knows (or should know) that BRESSUIRE in France will host the Highland Games World Championship in June 2015.

Of course, for this exceptionnal venue we already have the castle, the experience of 220 volonteers and the know-how of our president Jean-Louis Coppet.

In Bressuire we also have quite a few throwers or caber-tossers called "the Bockers" and a couple of pipers for "Scotland the brave" or "Amazing grace".

A training session in Germany

But, unfortunately we had no local drum major.

Now that's a thing of the past...

Jacques Dransard, one of our pipers, is just back from a training session supervised by Robert Wallace, head of the Glasgow College of Piping.


It took place in Homburg, Germany.

The instructors trained about sixty pipers, drum players and drum majors from the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium.

And , of course, the only French trainee (second from right)...


The Bressuire piper got his coaching from Drum Major Billy Jordan, several times world champion.


DSC_0100And now, just like the snowboarders in Sotchi, he is half pipe.

But also half drum major!

In the world of pipe-bands, after his German training and the parade celebrated in the local paper, he has become a Jacques-of-all-trades.

With no right to drop the baton..

That's the lesson he got from Peter Mc Namee, one of the V.I.P.s in the world of drum majors.

And one of the stars in the Bressuire Highland Games!

He doesn't thow the hammer, but he definitely tosses his baton...

Alain CADU

Homburg Winterschool 2014 parade