Scott Rider and flagOne, two, three, Four...

There will be four professionnal throwers in Bressuire for the Open European Championship on June 8 and 9.

After Sebastian WENTA, Hans LOLKEMA and Aaron NEIGHBOUR, we now know the name of the fourth musketeer:Scott RIDER.

The four professionnal throwers will be in competition with the best European amateurs:

The amateur line-up:

  • Pieter Karst BOUMA,for Holland
  • Jimmy VAN DE WALLE for Belgium
  • Jonathan KELLY for Ireland
  •  Amine AMROUN and Belkacem SMAHI for France.
  • David FREY for Germany
  • Martin SCHILLER for Austria
  • Peter HART for Scotland.
  • Attila SZABO or Robert FERENKAS, for Hungary

Scott RIDER is one of the favourite sons in Bressuire.

Everybody remembers that he was one of the stars of the unforgettable 2010 Highland Games with the most impressive line-up ever seen in France.


The spectators of the next Highland Games will have the opportunity to see Scott RIDER (second from right), Aaron NEIGHBOUR (4th) ansd Hans LOLKEMA (5th) who were already here in Bressuire three years ago.

With their new 2013 challengers, even if they are amateurs, no doubt about it:

the competition will be very exciting...

Just can't wait to see that!

Alain CADU



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We must be encouraged...

This is quite a new sport in France with only two clubs, Luzarches and Bressuire.

And it's hard to keep up with all other popular sports.

But we always have a fantastic atmosphere and great champions in this exceptionnal environment.


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